Sunday, April 1, 2007

No One Told Me

"I had hints, I had advice, I had cautions, but no one told me how owning a bird would completely enrich my life.
No one told me I'd become a bird store junky, standing among all the birds and their stuff, in sheer bliss, for an hour.
No one told me that I would be up at 6:00am in the morning peeling yams and apples and other assorted veggies to containerize and freeze for his meals while I’m away on vacation.
No one told me I wouldn't mind when feeding this bird he would shake his head with my concoctions flying in every direction, on to my carpet, on to my clothes, on to my face.
No one told me I would be on the computer at all hours talking and reading about birds care.
No one told me every morning I would put a sheet over my covers, litter my bed with weird wooden things, stuffed animals, leather pieces, apple slices and nuts.
No one told me just how much he would squawk. Or even how much he would talk! No one told me I would come to hear differences in the tone and shrillness. In fact, each of his different emotions. No one told me I not only could tell the difference but would learn when to respond.
No one told me I could play with him like I do. That he would chase me and I would chase him. That we could have fun or argue, and still be best friends.
No one told me that he and I can carry on a better conversation than some people I know.
No one told me that my husband would make an extra half a bagel to share with the bird.
No one could have convinced me that this same husband would agree to shower with the bird and then without urging, could be heard to play peek-a-boo while drying off.
No one told me how we would sing the day away together, off key or not.
No one told me how my heart would tighten when I am away from him too long.
No one told me how it would feel to have a bird body across your neck, I was not told how soft his kisses would be or how warm his face was as he fell asleep on my cheek cooing softly, and calling my name. No one told me how long I would lay there awake so he could sleep.
Everyone told me I would love him.
No one told me how much."

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