Friday, April 6, 2007

Crank Calls Can Be Fun?

Okay, so I’m probably not the first one to have had this happen to her, but it feels like it!
I was hard at work this afternoon when the phone rang. I could hear my daughter in the distance. Then I heard a yell! HI AUNTIE!!
It was indeed Aviana calling! So of course I thought that her Mom had dialed and gave her the cell. I said hi, got excited and began a 2 year old conversation beginning with THIS IS NONNI!!!. Aviana continued to yell into the phone, Hi! bla bla bla bla... then she must have heard Walt laughing cause she shouted BYE DADDY and then hung up on me! I was sure that Karen would call right back, so I chatted with Walt and waited. Sure enough.. Rrrrring... There she was again, laughing and yelling something gooberish? CLIC, she hung up again. I am now howling with laughter because I have figured out that she must have stolen Mommys cell phone and was calling her Nonni!!! WHAT a good granddaughter!!! I waited again, but no other calls came in. So I phoned her, no answer... hmmmm, I phoned the house line.. busy. (hence Mommy talking in the background while Aviana parrots her mom eh?) So I poured a glass of wine and pondered about how much I miss her. Who can continue working now? Ah but I did.
Slow going on the DWR quilt. Its very labor intense and I’m sure I’m in for a few long days and nights. It really is looking great though.
I finally spoke to my daughter who informed me that yes, Aviana did sneak behind the sofa and empty out her purse, and crank called her Nonni.
I told her to make sure she does it again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Cute story! WoW...your daughter must be the spittin' image of you cause your grandbaby looks like she could be YOURS! What a doll!

Anonymous said...

she definetley has your spirit!

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