Thursday, April 5, 2007

Ahhh The little woman...DWR by day, and Dresden by night!

Sounds like a good book eh? I'm kinda busy, so I wont be chatty, just wanted to post an update for those who are following in utter disbelief:) LOL

I loaded the DWR(double wedding ring) last evening and thought how happy this quilt looks:) Its for a wedding, naturally, so it will be feathered up and hearts everywhere! I am quite pleased with my design on paper, now to execute said plan of attack! Its going to be stunning!

The Dresden saga continues.... I tried to get around by JUST replacing blades underneath the plate, but no such luck. The entire thing must come apart. Walt walks by now and again shaking his head reminding me that its easier to build a house than it is to remodel one. NO CHIT CHERLOCK... can ya pour me some coffee? He is very "into" this one with me. Made templates from plastic for me last night. I confused him some by asking if he could make a template, right after having asked him if he could make arcs for me for the dwr... I heard some rattling going on outside and saw things flying out of the patio shed with only his bottom hanging out of the door. Next thing I know he has wood and hammers and things that go BUZZ all over the cutting table in the studio. He asked me for heavy string. Okkkaayyyy. I found some. Now what u doing? Well, it would seem that he was about to construct an ARC for the DWR when I needed a little teeny template for the dresden... lol He of course, whipped this out in nothing flat with a Cheshire grin on his face. ( I love that grin). We agreed that ordering an acrilic arc would be best, and settled in for a long evening of cutting into the beloved feed sack. Well, I did anyway? Walt watched TV and kept me hydrated! Its good to be cared for:) Onward!!!

*Idol was sad. I didnt want to see Gina leave the show yet. She didnt deserve that. Sanjaya did. Ms Legs did. Not Gina. And thats all I have to say about that.

* Lastly, I have to report that yet another parrot prayer has been answered! Yep yep yep... Our Heather got the job she has been trying for, and she will now be a new marketing executive!Congratulations!!! God is indeed good, and parrot wailing beaks are good too:) Blima? Did I ever tell you how much I love this prayer parrot of mine? I bet you had NO IDEA that it would become such a wonderful chachka eh? 50 cents, well spent my Dear, thanks again.


The Sarah Bear said...

I love that parrot too...::grin:: Ok, so executive is a bit strong - but I am in marketing now.. I am home! Thank you G for all your well wishes - you have helped me so much! As for your quilting - I agree with Walt! Building a city would be easier! But you my friend, are the perfect woman for the job! If Gina can't do it, nobody can!

I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hey!! Was it you that was asking me about the government grants website? well anyway, here it is... Grants I'm headed back to Cali this weekend, gotta get warm! :)

Dianah said...

Hi Gina!

I am Heather's friend and I came to check out your blog. I am very excited to read about Heather's new job. I had to catch up on the DWR and Dresdan story, I am now on pins and needles. I am hoping to get a wonderful UFO done soon so I can send it to you to get quilted.


DearGina said...

Hey Dianah! I commented at your blog too! I'm looking forward to seeing your beauty quilt! Enjoy the blog!

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