Monday, April 30, 2007

Impromptu roadtrip and not ONE picture to show for it!

HEY!!!! I have to tell you this amazing lil story!!!
Ok, so a friend came from the valley for a lil stitchin n bitchin, and a roadtrip to Long Beach for her daughters dance show. Little did I know it would be such a fast, furious, and fabulous week end!! I am Sooooo kicking myself for not bringing a camera! We crammed so much into 2 days I'm still reeling! We first decided to hit a salon, got a manicure, pedicure, and waxed things:)We then shopped on Second Street where I found some scrumptious slippers.

We damn near missed the recital due to wine and bruscetta at Utopia. We had verbal arguments with the GPS system in the car, had dinner at midnight on second street watching all the club scene watch us! We got picked up at Starbucks in a limosine at which time the driver asked us where do wish to go? Of course we said a quilt shop! He laughed a belly laugh and said in all my years not once have I ever been asked to drive to one of those! He took us to Piecemakers in Costa Mesa. We enjoyed champagne and arrived quite happy!Heres my cute note card find there!They have little saysing like, "I'd rather listen to dirt than sweep it!

We then drove PCH to Newport Beach where we did brunch on the water, more champagne, and some really good chats. Then off to Laguna Beach, and back down to Starbucks, dropped off and off we go to travel home! We were in a daze by then,wondering... wtf just went on here?
We laughed and recounted the hours(not the days) that had just passed. We both agreed to do it again REAL SOON! Thanks BA and Stacey for such a fun, unexpected week end!
Oh man I love roadtrips... but Ive NEVER forgotten the camera:(
Who's next? Come on, lets go! well, let me work awhile first, then lets go!


Carla said...

Hi Gina, sounds like you had a blast on your trip! Love the pedicure shot- LOL

Did you know that the very first quilt class I ever took (in the 1980's) was at Piecemakers.

DearGina said...

Piecemakers was a very cool store Carla! I wondered for an hour or more!

Jan said...

It sounds fabooo!!! And I now have the realization that I'm going to need wheaties and super strong coffee to even hope to catch a glimpse of you at MQS!! Do you think we can find one of those count down clocks that Johnny had?!!! Glad you had a great weekend!!!!!! Mine is still going... nothing like a excess ;-)

The Sarah Bear said...
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The Sarah Bear said...

I turned green after "limo" the rest was just salt in the wound... How come nobody called me?! :) (dodging the shoe you just threw)

Sounds like a fun time and I am glad for you and BA to get to spend the time together - even it it was without me.


Anonymous said...

LOLOL, I love the pedicure :) and those flip flops, I want them, did you buy me a pair? size 6 1/2.
Sounds like another fun roadtrip, Gawd....I miss you.
Are you planning a good one for July?
Luv U

Linda Mcmillan said...

Okay, I can see I am going to waste some time reading now!!! (LOL) Sounds like your two days were a blast!

Barb said...

Sounds like you had fun...wish I was there.

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