Friday, June 22, 2012

Machine Quilting Isnt JUST For Quilts!

Can you tell what it will be? They are hot pads, Mitts, large and small with heat treated batting for a local restaurant! Sometimes machine quilting isnt for quilts at all!
Adorable function:) For Chefs line and Servers alike... Say no to hot Pasta Bowls!
Need any?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Dreaming With A Broken Heart

When I'm dreaming with a broken heart, waking up is the hardest part.
 I roll out of bed and down on my knees and for a moment I can barely breathe.

Then I remember the wave will subside and life goes on, and life is still good.
I find that smile and my step begins to spring froward. I have no idea why, but I am grateful for the resilience in me, and the lack of bitterness that could, and probably should be ever present. Thanks be to God and my support systems. They keep good news following bad. I find that the fear turns into courage if I treat it right. If loss/fear hasnt killed me yet... what can? Nottin. Nada.
Why so pensive ya ask? Because I still have the dreams we discussed a very long time ago and this week, pretty tough. I so loathe them too! I'm very certain that is the cause of a series of loss (es). No one could blame me really if I ran down the street naked screaming obscenities right? Of course right. However good news did follow, and I feel encouraged, empowered and wanted to share. Again I have to say that sharing is healthy, but maybe not such a good idea at this time.
I have much yet to do. To give. To share. To love. And I shall.

M & M's Include:

Mid State Fair Entry Quilts
Good news
Flowers on my doorstep from who knows who
The beauty and the brains to be hell on heels!!!
Watching my baby grands swim thier lil legs off, and karate chop mid air... Go kids!
Lemon Chicken Picatta! ( ill share recipe soon)

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Relax! I'm O.K.A.Y.
Faking it til I make it! Yes indeedy! I would LOVE to WHINE till the cows come home, however I have to run.... so I'll just grab some real WINE and get on with it!
The Heart Of Life IS STILL good!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Alaska Batiks ALA June!

Just feast your eyes on these beauties! My BFF June went cruising (without me) but brought home the bestest gifts!! These Batiks are specific to the Alaskan region only and nothing short of fabulous! From Moose to Seals, Salmon to Puffins... WOW!! My head is spinning with ideas! What shall I make? What shall I make??

Thank you June!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Family Time MM

Yes it is! I am so busy I forgot my MM Manners again! ( almost)
I'm working hard on Mid State Fair Entries, outside work, inside work, and!
One would think that I'd be skinny as a rail by now but nope... what a struggle! It must be the age. Mind over matter says I.
The kids came to give warm fuzzies this week end and it was sure needed! We all had fun in the pool and at the beaches. ( aka water parks) We ate too much, drank too much, didnt talk enough. All in all the house was alive with laughter and I like it that way.
Back to work I go now, I hope that you all made it a marvelous Monday today!

M & M's include:

Lotsa great offers to ponder!!! (What'll I do? What'll I do?)
Family time!
Quilting my brains out!
Encouragement & support from those who care
Goofy Grins with crazy thoughts:) ( another blogabout totally eh)

The ability to ride the brain waves with emotional inteligence! Amen!

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