Monday, June 4, 2012

Family Time MM

Yes it is! I am so busy I forgot my MM Manners again! ( almost)
I'm working hard on Mid State Fair Entries, outside work, inside work, and!
One would think that I'd be skinny as a rail by now but nope... what a struggle! It must be the age. Mind over matter says I.
The kids came to give warm fuzzies this week end and it was sure needed! We all had fun in the pool and at the beaches. ( aka water parks) We ate too much, drank too much, didnt talk enough. All in all the house was alive with laughter and I like it that way.
Back to work I go now, I hope that you all made it a marvelous Monday today!

M & M's include:

Lotsa great offers to ponder!!! (What'll I do? What'll I do?)
Family time!
Quilting my brains out!
Encouragement & support from those who care
Goofy Grins with crazy thoughts:) ( another blogabout totally eh)

The ability to ride the brain waves with emotional inteligence! Amen!

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