Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It Is What It Is

"Life is not the way it's supposed to be. It's the way it is.
The way you cope with it is what makes the difference."– Virginia Satir
Cope eh? Sheesh. I COPE a lot right? I cant wait to get on with living and quit "coping" with life. I vaguely remember doing just that. It's coming, I can feel it down deep. It's coming.
Physically I am down more than 30 pounds now and ready for a run with Hash House Harriers chapter here in SLO. Ok, walk... power walk! lol Junior Rambo in Drag? I must admit that this time aged 50, its flippin hard. My personal trainer is a poodle who would rather smooch me and jump in my lap while I am Ab-Rolling! Still, it feels good to be partially me again. As I said...its a coming and look out world! Ya haven't seen the last of me FO SHO.
Quilting is slow but sure. Not really making a good living from this, but at least one of my passions still remain the same. Its a good thing.
Heart food? Ah... mediocre at best, but comes in waves like everything else. Finding those who tend to my head, heart, and car is no easy task when you're.....ME? It is amazing to watch them try though? LOL. No one said it would be a cakewalk right? Speaking of.... I have been cooking my brains out and wow is it good therapy! I have even found new peoples to feed!
My kids and grands keep me sane... oh wait... that's the wine that does that... yes, the wine...( which is the only reason weight loss is SLOW eh)
So that's a quick catch up on me since the above quote of the day sparked it. I think that I mentioned months ago how I am not able to speak freely here anymore, but I find it so damn difficult NOT to write. Soon, all will change again. It ALWAYS does. It is what it is indeed.


Betty said...

Hi Gina ...Thanks for helping make our dinner special and fun .. what a better way to celebrate 42 years of Heavenly Bliss... I am enjoying your blog and getting to 'know you' through it.
Hugz ..Betty (and Joe )

Anonymous said...

30+ pounds? You go, girl!! Congrats on the weight loss and best of luck on your run! You can do it! (of course, you probably know that already. vbg) I recently found out that I get early registration to the Boston Marathon for qualifying almost 15 mins faster than my age group qualifying time. Woulda thunk I would be looking to run Boston at age 55. Miracles do happen everyday. Keep looking for them. ;)


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