Monday, May 7, 2012

Feeling Young MM

Sometimes ya just gotta feel young again?
You're as young as ya feel?
Age is but a number?
(work with me peoples)
To da left To da left?

Meet Lola...she was a show girl, or in this case Fords 35th anniversary edition. Vroom Vroom.....

I love Marvelous Mondays:) What a nice day to reflect on gratitudes. Sometimes, and today is one of the,. I am such a lucky woman. I am quilting the evening away and happy to be doing so. The customs as usual kicking my behind, but I dont mind:)
Altho there is a goofy grin on my face that has lasted a few days now...tsk tsk..... CLIC
All jobs are going well, fitness is too. I have the waves, ubetcha, but I'm a survivor dag nabit!
Have a great week dear blog readers, make it marvelous too k? Ill check in when I finsh my Route 66 quilt! woohoo!

MM's include:

I dig cars...and other stuff.
Friends who come a runnin like family
those ribs...yum
My music loud and proud once again

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