Friday, August 31, 2007

Restoration Journey Continues

Please tell me that you havent forgotten about the Dresden files? Well I havent! I am down to needleturn Applique-ing these plates onto blocks. I think #4.. not sure...Its not been an easy ride, but its a rewarding one. I't certainly sharpening my applique skills eh???? I cant wait to be able to post a snapshot journey from beginning to end. I have a file folder for t! I think I shall print and frame them for my customer/new friend Mary. Her kids will enjoy reading about Grandma Amanda one day I'm sure. Today I am flip flopping from the deresden restoration to another restoration job, a 1960's style strip quilt. It's Labor Day week end ya know... I think when I take a break I'll drive downtown just to see the new holiday Pismo Clam. They dress these GIANT rocks shaped like a clam, with a painted pictoral of said holiday. I am so curious to see LAbor day clam..LOL I 'll bring you back a picture! For now, you will have to settle for the labor of me! lol


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chew On This.................

Change of life= DIET? LIVE IT?

On this the 11th official day of rising and NOT shining at 5 freaking AM, I am pondering lifes changes. I must admit, it seems to be getting easier. I am partially coherant at 7:00. I am reminded of that patronizing doctor who patted my knee and told me that it would be better on the other side. (I still detest her). Its not better yet? Its only more perplexing! I'm supposed to eat dirt for breakfast, move more, take flaxseed in large quantities and ditch eatting any animal fat that walks on four legs? Ok that leaves birds (2 legs) & fish (gils). K... I guess I can try that, even tho I'm not fond of eatting birds. What I cannot seem to do is diet. Just say the word to me and I am immedietly hungry! I loved power walking in years past, but I cant seem to get back there either? If I had my druthers, I'd turn back the clock to age 41 and STAY there. It was easier. Eat what I want, move my ass... 2 rules... thats it... no brainer. Now I am wondering Walmart isles looking at vitamin supplements. Someone is sending me things from AARP. I bought a new mirror for my vanity with a 5 times magnification on the back... then I LOOKED IN IT!!! ( can you say OMG?) I am now receiving things also from he Social Security department telling me I need more money to get old with cause theres not enough in there now. Oh! And Doctors are signing me up for tests I have never taken before, dont wish to take now, and I cant speak about them either! I dont like these changes ::waaaa::
I sometimes feel like a young girl trapped, I mean TRAPPED in a 50 year old body. My mind feels young. My spirit feels young. Even my voice sounds young, but the the stairs in the other room keep telling me that my body is old -ER..(dont even say it).



I can still win! Send Good Kharma my way!!! 350 mega/93 super

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Know What You're Thinkin............

About the whole Lottery Chit chat ... I do.....

No harm was brought to this incredibly wierd looking animal belonging to a dear friend of mine:)

I Dont Do Cupcakes Either!

I actually thought about getting on the cupcake band wagon. For about 5 minutes. I decided that I would much rather sport this T Shirt instead! WHAT is going on? Jeez I would NOT like to be a trend setting young Mom right now, for alot of reasons, cupcakes being ONE of them!
Lets think about this, its kinda like camping. Lets take everything that we do on a daily basis, pack it up into several small spaces, stick it into extreme conditions, and call it fun! NOT. I'm not a baker anyway, give me a good entree, sauce, soup or seafood recipe thanks. This family is quite fortunate to get a bundt cake with white powdered sugar dusted across it. On special occasions, I may even bust out the layer cake pans and thrill someone! But to dig out muffin tins, little paper cups, alot of accessories, rip the kitchen apart, fill the counters for hours.... OH HELLO???? I toyed with the idea of selling little cupcakes on the beach. The ones with sandy tops and little umbrellas on them.... every mothers child on an ATV would pay ME 3 dollars and 25 cents to get one right? Would I really care after having sand up the crack of my butt trying to peddle them anyway? I swear .... I have so many dumbass ideas I feel like John Travolta in the Phenomenon movie. Did I ever tell you how I wanted to be the Soup Nazi on the beach? Oh yeahhhhhhh... Now, THERES an idea! I can do that one..WHO wouldn't want a cuppa ANY of my infamous soups on a windy beach? But, last thought on the thought train is always sand in the crack of your butt rationalization. Besides, I'm so not into kitchen slaving anymore. I quilt therefore I am. I would sooner be slave girl to the studio than the stove these days. I think that stint at the RV park ruined it forever. THANK GOD I don't have to cook 16 turkeys this year!!! I had better finish that cookbook before the feelings are totally gone eh?

So for all of you young Moms on the cupcake trend... more power to you, don't burn yourself out too soon:) As for me, I think I will Google some cupcake fabric searches..... make a quilt tablecloth...LOL Time for work, right after I check last nights Mega Million ticket. I thought I'd blog first cause I wont be able to type once I see that I'm a WIENER!!!!

Have a great Hump day!


325 MILLION NOW!!! RECORD BREAKING :::I cant grasp this concept myself:::

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

21 Days Become a Habit?

You wanna do a Terrific Tuesday or should I just move on? Morning.... Second cuppa here... NOT on my feet yet either. These early mornings are kicking my behind peoples!!! I am really pulled about wanting to get up early to get Walt off to work,( 5 ish) or staying up late to quilt in the night, ( peace and quiet). This is the beginning of week 2, and wow.. the foolish things I'm doing! I almost... ALMOST not quite, sent a sandwich to work with nothing but 2 pieces of bread, mayo and mustard! Yep, I did... wrapped it up, collected fruit, snack pack, water and soda.... put it in this cute lil lunchpail I found at Harry n Davids, zipped the whole thing up and sat it on the counter. I poured a cuppa coffee and bounced off a wall or two headed toward ironing board..thinkin..... Did I put the ham n cheese on there?... I began to iron Walts shirt with a haunting feeling that I had not. I tried to brush it off while considering the notepad just in front of me for the days list of TO DO's. I was already on # 9 when I figured I couldnt ignore the doubts about the lunch pail. Just before he was ready to leave I ran in and snatched the pail away from him, saying "oh Babe, I think I forgot your water, wait a minute". I opened the fridge door while unzipping the pail and sure enough, my morning me did pack him a mayo sammich! Hey... have you ever made a sandwich inside the frosty fridge at 5 am? pfffttt.... ( good lighting but damn, put some clothes on!)

Crisis avoided. Off ya go, kiss, snicker to self... thinking Im blogging this! I'm going to call him later and squeal on
They say that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit... I am on day 9... Pray for me:)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Marvelous Mondays!!!

Psssttt.... Come mere, I gots coffee on, lets chat a minute K?

WHO said they should be called Manic as in the song???( Just another manic Monday) I think we should rename them Marvelous! Ok... lets run with that shall we? On Marvelous Mondays, we can discuss the last weeks Marvelous Moments! Theres nothing written in stone that Mondays Must Be Mundane, Manic, Mysterious, Muddled through, Muffed up, ( you get my drift right, so I can quit?) K... Who said we must PURSUE happiness? What if its sitting right here in you, and you can just go grab some whenever you want to? If you just followed it around looking for it, wouldn't that constitute chasing ones tail? I think so.........
The week that brought me TO this Marvelous Monday, I am thankful for...( lets do 7, as many days past eh... ::thinkin::::::

A nice visit with my new sister in law in Alaska. (who knew?)

California Jackpot MANIA!!! (Still going on!! And I'm STILL on it!)

The smile on Walt's face hosting his brother here for the first time. ( It makes ME smile, especially right now cause I love to tease him in his PAPA SMURF SHIRT)

My New P Touch Label maker! (nothing around here is safe now)

The funds being mailed off for my October class with new teacher I've been waiting for!

The chat with my sis about her continued education, and coming to meet me in October! ( happy birthday to me...lalalala)

Ginger getting the hang of STAY command while visitors are here. ( u should see her vibrate with excitement!

What was nice about this chat of ours dear bloggers... is that I actually had WAY more than 7!!! Now I ask you, wasnt that better than a manic Monday?
I better get back to work now. I have a soup to put on, Walt's day one with students today, so I think Split Pea comfort food, and a Blima Burger maybe in order:) And a train quilt to finish!

Have a Marvelous Monday Everyone!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Pan Seared Tenderloin with Wild Mushroom & Shallot Sauce

Made this last evening. It was simple, quick, & delicious, but I gotta tell ya, I was standing there stirring the sauce, thought to myself after finger tasting, this needs somepin..... glass of pinot noir in hand, ( ran outa Chardonnay) and said hmmmmm..... dumped the entire glass in it,, voila! burnt off and left a heavenly smell and taste. I laughed to myself because once Blima or Karen... ( I think) gave me a little plaque that read, I cook with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food).
Actually, I have a similar recipe made with PORT thats even more tasty, but a bit more time consuming too. I'll find that and show ya.
I served with Whipped Garlic potatoes and a little cucumber salad. I have plenty of potatoes and sauce for Left overs tonight... Maybe I'll throw a few Pork Chops on the grill? Gets so in the way of my quilting you know?
Hey! Speaking of that very thing.......... I bought myself a new toy yesterday! (pic on bottom) A Cuisinart Slow Cooker. Its coming soon! I have NEVER been one to use a slow cooker (crock pot cookin), but I am desperate to have good food and still be able to divide my time properly. So I'm going to give it a whirl! I don't care for "throw it all together" foods at all.... so this should be interesting. I'm sure I 'll be reporting. Not sure what I'll be doing at wine 30 if I'm not slaving over a hot stove huh? Me neither... film at 11:00.
Pan Seared Beef Tenderloin with Wild Mushroom and Shallot Sauce

4 beef filets cut into medallions (I used 2 small Fillet Mignon, uncut)
3 oz portabella or shiitake mushrooms diced
2 shallots, diced
2 TBLSP butter
2 TBLSP flour
2 cups beef broth

Heat the butter in a saucepan. Add the mushrooms and shallots and cook until limp. Whisk in the flour and cook for 3 minutes. Whisk in the broth, bring to just a boil, reduce heat and simmer 20 minutes.
Heat a heavy skillet over medium-high flame. Add a small amount of oil. Add the beef and cook to desired temperature. Served topped with warm sauce.

Send me BEST recipes!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

It Wasn't Me, But I'm On It!!


MEGA Millions Jackpot Rolls, One Ticket Worth $761,418 Awarded

SACRAMENTO – Although no one won the MEGA Millions jackpot last night, one lucky California Lottery player matched 5 numbers and won $761,418. That winner hasn’t come forward to claim their prize. Players still have the opportunity to win tonight with our SLP jackpot topping $74 million. The $761,418 winning ticket was bought at Young’s Shell located at 4403 S. Figueroa Street in Los Angeles, CA 90037. More than 195,000 other players won $932,945.


Rules of engagement:
Go into several 7-11's or small Mom n Pop liquor stores and buy a 40 ouncer of beer and a quick pick. Come home and pour the beer in your garden to kill snails naturally( don't drink any unless its unusually warm out) ... sign the said ticket, Go to the computer and do an MLS search for the home of your choice. Push Print. Now plaster all printed photos on cupboards in front of your workspace. You wont believe the amount of work you can accomplish by daydreaming THIS dream!!! And besides.... you are inviting the universe to come please you:)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Lonely Job?

I have been over there quilting---> thinking.... I need a break, and I need to ponder in type. So you're it!

Walt came home from work last evening, happy and a little tired. He asked me about my day, I about his. He gave me a quick answer, and I yakked his ear off for about 30 minutes without a breath. I stopped myself and asked him again, so what went on during the in service? He detailed a bit more for me and then wondered in to grab his email. He then called to me while I was busy making spaghetti for dinner... " Babe....are you lonely?" I stopped in my tracks and replied, "hmmm... no, not at all, but lonesome would be a good word." I said there's a difference you know, and went on to yak another 30 minutes about just that. I said I left a world where the phone always rings, someones always stopping by, dinner invites are always impromptu, and there places to go and people to tend to. Diving into a full time job, when I came off of a several year hiatus....In that new full time job there is one employee, a parrot, poodle, and a computer, where there used to be several employees, colleagues, and yes, a bunch of bosses. Theres bound to be adjusting, and I'm not there yet. I give it hell on a daily basis and this is my choice, my desire, my passion, my dream. But there are adjustments none the less. I told him that I had spoken to my daughter today, and I was concerned about her stress. He too, voiced his concerns and reminded me that I am sooo not in control of OPP ( other peoples problems).

But let me ask you something..... Isnt it natural, so very natural, for a Mother ( of many) and also a career in the service industry to do what she has always done, and does well? Whats that you say? THE NUTURER. What else do I know this well? I do it because it comes natural, and when I dont have an opportunity to do this, I am amiss eh? Of course I can stand in the shower and belt out Diana Ross IT"S MY TURN all I want, but the REAL me will always be the nuturer, like all of the other care takers in the world. I learned what I lived, as everyone does. I once embroidered a little logo onto a friends quilt as a table topper. It says... "She feeds her family, and she feels full". How freaking true is this for each and every one of us nuturers in the world?

So in this job of mine, that I truly love, and I couldnt be any more driven than I am right now... it is indeed a lonesome job. It has its rewards, u bet. I can still be the nuturer that I am with a quilt presented to warm you, soothe you, make you comfortable, keep you warm, and yes.. make you smile or even laugh. It gives me value to be able to contribute to our future in a manner of my choosing. ( home occupation) But I gotta tell you, scolding the dog, or trying to hold a conversation with a parrot, doesnt hold a candle to real time, real live, relationships. So, if you call here and I talk your ear off, remember this blog, and know that there is a huge differance between being lonely, and being lonesome. I could never be lonely, I have personal riches a plenty. But this is a one woman show in the shop, and lil miss social needs her peeps:)

I feel better now, time for another round of stitchin, cause I did my bitchin>>>>rofl... I crack myself up... Miss you pals:)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake

A chocolate lovers favorite and straight from our blimacake kitchen! Her cakes are just delicious and health conscience too! ( ok, well, pushing it there eh) Made today in celebration of school/work first day back!

Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake


19 oz pkg, chocolate cake mix (I use devils food)

1 pkg (4 serving size) instant chocolate pudding

1 cup sour cream or plain yogurt

3 eggs

1/2 cup veg oil

1/2 cup cold water

6 oz pkg chocolate chips (I use dk choc high content cocoa)


In your Processor steel knife, combine all ingredients except chocolate chips, process for 2 min, stop machine once to scrape down batter, sprinkle chocolate chips over batter and process with 2 or 3 quick on/ off turns, just to mix the chips pour batter into a greased 12 cup bundt pan and bake at 325 deg, for 50 to 60 min. you can dust with icing sugar when cool. Its so Yummy! one of the best chocolate cakes you will ever taste, and nobody can guess its from a mix. freezes well too.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another One Off The Rack...ah ah ah

I was singing another one bites the dust... did you hear me? Holy sailboats people! this Momma is an over sized king, custom commissioned, and finally finished! All in all I am pleased with this nautical beauty. The border doesnt show well, but its a beautiful map, my friend has good taste in her fabrics:)
Tomorrow is a Susan Branch Challenge quilt woohoo!( have you seen her new line?) This one is called Coastal Colors. And of course, my evenings spent with grama Amanda and her Dresden... whats life going to be like at night without her? I dunno.. I sure hope Idol and 24 is there to take her place!!!
I took the better part of today off and helped Walt in the new Cambria Classroom. I think we need some inspirational, if not motivational posters and a few other things in there, and we will be done. It is REALLY so gorgeous in Cambria, I was in awe of the breathtaking views from homes in the pines over looking the ocean! OMGoodness! Im always amazed at the differance in beaches a few miles apart. Cambria has pebbly beaches, alot of black sand, and soft white surf.... ::sigh:: We played for awhile while I collected a few ( million) pebbles for Walts new artichoke plant garden. We saw deer in front yards, dolphins whipping by, and on the way home in Cayocus, Momma whale with her calf headed toward Pismo!! We tried to follow but she gave us the slip. drat. We had lunch in a bustling grill there in downtown Cambria.. Main Street Grill. Delicious Oak Pit BBQ we couldnt resist when we drove by! I dont think that my Tri Tip turns out that tender.... delish!
It was a wonderful Sunday, before work week begins. Hope all of you had a nice one too!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Summer Days Coming To An End

Soon, very soon, the summer days will be traded in for a rigorous school schedule even though I have no school age children at home. Soon, the house will again be all mine from early morning until dinner time:) Walts students arrive next week and he is excited to say the least. He is preparing the classroom now and we will decorate his new office tomorrow:)

I too am excited to get back on a structure based day! I will miss a few things like afternoon naps, sneaking mid week horseback rides while tourists are few. The evening sunsets and beach fires will have to be limited to weekends I'm sure. I wonder if I'll miss the constant question, " What are ya doing now Babe?" or.... I'm bored, what ya wanna do?" Naaaaaa......
The grand kids too will start school soon, so I guess I wont see them as much either. I have so enjoyed visitors this summer... I hope they come for long week ends now! I have a huge workload myself, and a busy travel schedule to match it! I'm STILL trying to get to Mntreal this fall, but it really is looking doubtful. I really would like to clone myself sometimes. Maybe just for a few days? Hey! I havent checked those lottery tickets yet, maybe...............

I managed to quilt a few of my own little things. Ya know how I did it? I had them in the appointment schedule on the whiteboard!!! When it came to them, I smiled and said HA!! thats how MY STUFF gets done. So I had a fun couple hours in between binding the last giant, which I'll post tomorrow after photographing it. Tonight I worked on my Dresdens project, (yes, shes still at it). This is a wal hanging that will hang in the entrance to the studio, and the squirrel is just a little table topper for fall. No biggy quickies, but it sure felt good to do something of mine! It felt so good that I put 2 quilts in line that my friend Sharon sent to me a few months ago! ( I should get to them in october! lol) No complaints mind you, except that I desparatly need better time management. I think blogging at days end is a new good thing... maybe.... I just need all of my desktop files linked to notebook now dont I? Goodnight, dont let the bed bugs bite:)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Tagged Again, Thanks Pal:)

MeMe Friday, and I have had but 2 cups o coffee, beware

I was tagged by Carla to do a MEME again, I'm so happy its not 100? LMAO!!!

4 things you may not know about me:

1. I love natural fiber clothing...cotton, linen, hemp,silk,cashmere, etc......

2. I am an internet Junkie,..oh wait, you knew that....

3. I miss my friends so much its painful at times.

4. I love Montreal in the fall.

4 Jobs I have had:

1. Waitress ( I still love tips)
2. Restaurant manager ( poop rolls downhill)
3. Food and Bevarage Director (be careful what u wish for)
4. Professional Machine Quilter, (isnt life grand?)

4 Movies I could watch over and over:

The Godfather Trilogy (I want the lyrics to the tune)
Gone With The Wind ( Scarlet, you go u little brat)

Shawshank Redemption, (Morgan Freemans voice is soothing)

Shining Through,( love WW2 romance, I was born too late)

4 TV Shows I watch:

American Idol ( love to cheer and Jeer)

24 ( edge of my seat with this music)

Divine design ( Love to see new trends)

Food Network ( I want a personal chef)

4 Hobbies:

Quilting ( doesnt seem much like a hobby these days)

sewing ( still love to create)

cooking ( too bad I eat it eh)

shopping ( first love)

4 Places I have lived:

Sacramento,ca ( first home)
Beaver Utah( great memories)
Stockton,ca ( u suck)
Pismo,ca ( home)
4 Favorite Foods

Seafoods ( love em all)
Italian ( planning a siciliy trip in my mind)
Japanese ( sushi makes me happy)
pastries (The sin that I love)

4 Places I would rather be

On the beach Laptopping
PIcking up a lottery winnings in Sacramento
sorry, no where

4 Websites I visit daily:
My Blog
The tide times
all the blogs I can get in, & mqr.
the cheeseburger funnies---->

4 people I tag to play this:

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Marnie's Quilt on her way to Houston!!

This beauty has been invited to be judged at Houston by a Canadian friend of mine!! (Marnie) It is MOST spectacular indeed!!!
The Quilt started from a feathered star workshop in Oakville, Ontario with Rosemary Makhan. Marnie revamped it with different placements, piping, Trapunto. The Vase and flowers were drawn by hand.
It has since been named John's Feathered Star. ( For her Son) I'ts just beautiful Marnie, good luck, and congratulations!

A Warm Beach Night

I really get frustrated when we have company and the weather turns chilly here! Now typically, summers are cooler than most times here on the coast. When the valley heats up, we cool off. ( marine layer). Lately, we have had no marine layer and some pretty awesome nights on the beach. Why does this not happen when I want it to? We have a ton of company, everyone wants beach time, and its freaking cold, windy and overcast!!!

Last evening while watching the news and eating dinner, the weatherman was commenting on just THAT. We scooped up what was left of our dinner, threw a box of wood, 2 chairs and 2 Thermos's of coffee, and Ginger into the JEEP faster than you could say NO MARINE LAYER!

It was a gorgeous balmy night! Stars all over, and I don't know if you heard or not but meteor showers were going on too:) I couldn't believe my eyes at such a sight! I wished so badly for it to have been this way the last 4 times we have had company!!!

We enjoyed this sunset together and discussed Christmas, jobs, plans...It was a very relaxing time shared with just each other this time....and that's OKAY too:) High tide rolled in about 10:00 or so, and nearly flooded our fire out ( this happens sometimes) I get a real kick out of Ginger watching the water get closer and closer in

Here's a snap shot for ya, I wish I had one of the meteor we spotted... darn it. If you look closely though, you will catch Ginger in the corner...digging like some kind of a DAWG! And Heather why can't I get colors to turn out as vividly as they really are???

Whats your pleasure....... Ocean Or Mountains???

Monday, August 13, 2007

Egyption Pyrimid Quilt

Off the rack and permission granted, heres a pic of one of last weeks finishes. It was fun. For a 16 yr old girl who asked for feathers of any kind:)
Threads used were So Fine, light golden. Theres alot of gold lame` in this which is quite striking, however Im sad that the pic doesnt reveal this.... grunt.
I have quite a few customs in house now, I am just bursting with ideas! Could there even BE a better job than this???
ok, well... restaurant criticing... k... thats one.... I shall go ponder, I mean work.. buh byeeee

While The Cat's Away................

Perfectly harmless playing in the studio while Mom's gone delivering quilts eh?

This lil super chicken went on walkabout looking for me, ( I can only suspect) and decided to hang out awhile waiting for my return! Walt nearly had a coronary searching the house for him upon returning from the beach. His fear , of course, the mysterious disappearance of my faithful friend and quilting companion! Yep, heads would surely roll! He told me that he had invisioned Ginger having eaten him... or maybe the neighbor cat scaring him into hiding... when in fact, he was waiting patiently for the music to start in the studio to dance the THUPER CHICKEN dance with!

When Walt finally found him he couldnt resist snapping some proof shots for me:) I see he must have fallen a time or two judging by his squirrely feather sticking out there on the ironing board. Thank goodness I didnt leave things out for him to have destroyed!!! Look at this little trouble maker doing parrot olympics off of the board!!!
You know, theres no telling what goes on here while I'm away....grunt.

I had yet another fast trip to the valley. Over 800 miles in 48 hours. I worked at LQS for a few hours, pick up and deliveries.. ( I just love that) It keeps me connected with valley quilters and I feel quite welcome and at home. I Visited with all the kids and grandkids...everyone is getting so big:( That lil baby Shawn is all smiles and looks so much like his Daddy...::sigh:: I spent Sunday with Mom and Dad. I made it home last night in time to round the corner at Shell Beach for a magnificent clear sunset! OMG it was so beautiful I was wishing I had a camera in hand! I met Walt at a local Oak Pit BBQ restaurant that we frequent, talked his ear off for an hour, came home scooped up some love from the pets, and fell into bed. Mission accomplished. Again.

I must admit that I feel rather wet noodlish this morning, but determined to attack this mornings list. So have a wonderful Monday, and wish me well:)


By the way.......... I forgot to tell ya, I have a new pedicurist:) Wonderful training doncha think??? A a new term too... listen closely and feel free to use it at will.............

Nonni, Wanna Pedicute?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

California Mid State Fair

So ya wanna know the best part about this years California Mid State Fair was? It wasn't the delicious Margaritas in the cantina with an awesome Live Jazz band playing. Nope... It wasn't the sampling of this years winning wines.... Na ah.... It wasn't even the walk down EAT EVERYTHING IN SITE row..... Certainly not the carnival rides! The concessions toys were sorely lacking, I couldnt even find a penguin....GRUNT. Now, understandably, I am a Sacramento native and nothing anywhere has ever beaten the CA State Fair at Cal Expo, so I'm a bit bias, ok? I mean... the quilt entries were ..... barely there? We walked, we talked, ate, shopped.. I was rather disappointed but having a good time, when there it called to me... it said "G!!!!!!! I got what you have been searching for several summers for! Please, come closer.........yes, this a way... right inside my little shop of Bling bling......"

Walt see's the twinkle in my eye and invites me for one more walk around the carnival. PPfftt.... I said ok Babe... how about you go sit over there for a minute while I just go sneak a peek K?.... He smiled as he rolled his eyes and said, okay... ya want my credit card or do ya have yours? ( what a good man eh?) ( read smart)

I waded through at least 10 women with ugly toes. No kidding... ugly toes... hello??? If you're gonna sport those pretty blings get a pedicure people! It was finally my turn to be fitted with a VERY cool doesnt slide off toe ring of my very own! No more losing them in the shower! No more bending over to squezze the ring shut and pinching the hell out of your poor toe! I chose a white gold, with a channel of diamonds across the front. Over the top you say? Oh hell no! I have 10 toes and I want only ONE ring okay??? The nice lady was all too happy to lube me up and slide that shiny thing on.. OMG I was tickled pink! She offered to do the other foot. I looked over to see if my Walt was starring at me...:::just checkin:: He was grining from ear to ear probobly knew exactly what I was up to. I smiled and told her the one would do....for now.... So i say to you, THE best part of the Mid State Fair in paso Robles this year was the Bling Ring on my toe! Here she is!It never comes off! it never hurts! it doesnt cramp my sneakers! And best of all......... Its just so PURRTYYYYYY....

Ok, so I guess you had to be there? I thought it was a good blogabout?

Whats yor favorite SPA treatment? Facial? Pedicure? Manicure? Massage? Come on...tell me....

Friends and Family = Fun

All Black n Whites are Heathers shots... amazing woman she is........... this is Avi, me, and Ginny

This is Aviana's first portfolio head shot.... all agents, see Nonni first... or else.....

Sorry for being AWOL faihful blog readers. I confess, I havent had a moment to spare in days! We had a wonderful visit from friends and family for the week end. Now me and Greta Gammil are smokinnnnnnnnn over there in order to get quilts finished up for THIS coming week end:)
I wrapped it up about 1 am, and I thought I should come relax awhile and speak to you.:)

Hi!!! :::Waving vigorously::::

My daughter and grand kids came in,Walts daughter, and also our friends Heather and Kim and their girls....decided to come for a visit too! We had a full house and it felt good to hear the ruckus round here:) I had such a ball playing with their youngest ones, my Aviana and Sarah:) ::Sigh:: Makes me want to run out and buy em more

We had manicures, pedicures, we waxed things... we sat on the beach toasting marshmellows... we chased kids!!!!!!!!!! HAd a great repeat of the Cliffs Brunch and Live on the Rocks concert too. I cant wait til we do it again! Hopefully, there will be more sunshine! I heard that we were having an abnormal June gloom? Great eh... just when we wanted sun. GRUNT. I will leave you with a few pictures of our week end, then I'm off to catch a few hours nap:) These pics are nothing in comparison to Heathers shots over on her blog------> SARAH BEAR----->SHE is photographer extroidinaire! (ppsst...c'mere, I can get you a good discount, call her!)

Sarah is one cool chicky I tell ya!......Harmony(below) we found out is quite ticklish!

Aviana's first Pedicure with Mommy and Auntie Julie... red was her choice.. ( could ya just melt?)

Hope to chat with you tomorrow! Of course I can't forget Ginger:)

Walt couldnt resist bugging Julie with whipped cream in the morning:)
And more of Mini Me!!!!!!!!!!!!

What would YOU do for a Klondike Bar at 2 am??

Charges Filed For Blog Neglect

What seemed to be a 911 call coming from a frantic friend:

CALLER: What is going on with you? Where are you? Your Blog is silent! Are you Dead? ( This was all in the same breath of air speak!)
Blogger: (howling with laughter, then silent feeling a dirty look over the airwaves.) I'm sorry? You think I died because I'm not blogging? ( more howling)
Caller: Well that's jacked up! Hook me on a morning blog and then disappear into thin air like this! Are you alright?
Blogger: I'm fine!! I tell ya, I'm fine!
CALLER: Ok, you're fine, now its time to really chew you out.
Blogger: wait let me explain!
Caller: Oh hell no.. you told me to read your blog daily and do you know what kind of a fool I feel like clicing on there 20 times a day just to see a stupid jackpot alert that someone else won? I mean hey.. I thought it may have been you, so I had to drive down to the 7-11 to make sure! Then come back to clic on blog again to see if by chance you blogged during the time I was away from my desk!
Blogger: OMG you are a sick woman! I thought I was addicted! I wouldnt go win the lottery and not tell you!
Caller: Oh the hell you wouldn't.... where have you been then?
Blogger... Well, I have had more company, then I ....
Caller: That never stopped you from blogging before! I saw you blogging while Blima was there!
Blogger: well, I had so much to do , and when they all left I had even more to do! I was behind in my customer quilts... I 'm serious.. I didn't mean to alarm you, really!
Caller: Well, I think there should be some kind of penalty for this SNAFU.
Blogger: LOL SNAFU, perfect Ok, I'll fine myself ok? A quarter.
CALLER: Oh BS, you owe me dinner and a movie!
Blogger: K? When will I blog then?
Caller: Oh STFU and go blog will ya?
Blogger: Alrighty then... your wish is my command... would ya like that gift wrapped?
Caller: And put some pictures up too of whoever kept you from blogging!
Blogger: (in disbelief) You seeing a whole team of psychiatrists aren't you?
Caller: CLICK

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Jackpot Alert!

52 million and my name is on it! I have chit to build! Buy! Do! See! Ya can't win if ya don't play!!!

I have had written plans for this for many years! A dreamer at heart yes, but hey, it can and WILL be mine one day. I just hope I'm young enough to implement said plan eh? grunt.

Lets see... Heres what happens after the trip to Sacramento with winning ticket in hand. I think I shall choose annual payments since I'm so not a good saver. I could use 500K a year to do what I need to do. I'll take a trip to solidify said plans, and stay out of harms way. ( If you've ever seen me with money, you know what I mean) When the shock has worn off, and I'm refreshed and ready to do spending battle, I shall return to my financial advisor and keep him busy for awhile. Secure financial future first......then since my parents have retired, I have to cross that off the list and keep them well lived for the rest of their years. My children, ahhh the children. How cool would it be to say to them "hey, the money will flow as long as you are continuing your educations." I dont care if they become professional students, albeit, rich ones:) Now, Walt and I will argue like crazy over where to build the dream home. He will insist on a cliff's edge beach home, and I will prefer outrunning any Tsunami's.... in a ranch style home 3 miles off shore. (enough to out run one eh?) Complete with animals of every kind, and care takers for them, of course. So, the answer will be... both. We could have a "GodFather" kinda compound where many homes reside within the seemingly endless acreage. You think friends and family would come summer with us in their own home THEN???? Pppffftttt. Have you ever seen Pebble Beach on 17 Mile drive? They have such a wonderful self contained community there on the resort grounds.

Favorite Charities... sigh... I have so many. Will need to spread it around eh? It will really be even more fun than making quilts for them! Hey! I will actually be able to go back to making my OWN quilts!! WOOHOO!!!

Cars, oh wow.... I can really have more than one:)

I really could go on for hours listing the rules..the written plan... but alas, I must get to work. Rest assured, I'll be standing over there daydreaming about it though:) I think it could be a list of 100 like

Wish me luck, and good luck to you too! I'll split it with you!


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Morro The Magnificent Bay

The first sighting of Morro Bay is surprising to almost everyone. Out of the rolling hills into the ocean, giant smoke stacks rise up unexpectedly. It's quirky that something so man-made, so industrial, can signal the presence of a place so beautiful. Once past the shock of the power plant, this beautiful bay side wonderland reveals itself in one delight after another. The power plant was built in the 1950's when California was booming, and it brought jobs and seafood lovers came running too! It's a sacred sea mans community as well. Walt loves to charter deep sea fish from this port. ( In fact, he has an itch right now and cant find a fishin buddy available)
The wildlife here is jaw dropping to say the least! I can sit for hours just bird watching. Everything from the Monarch butterflies, to pelicans, egrets, falcons... (bring binoculars) I STILL have yet to make it to their renowned Estuary!!!

I get the biggest kick out of Mike watching the world go by here.... Poor Blima was so sick with a head cold we stayed in the car and watched him outside.

The bottom photo.........standing 578 feet above the sea, Morro Rock is a symbol and sentinel. It is the signature trademark of Morro Bay,and almost ceased to exist not long ago. I read the story of it being chipped away in the 1950's and used for paving the roads! Until it occurred to them that they were destroying history, and rocks don't grow back! ( dumbasses) It is now home to wild life such as Seagulls, Pelicans,native Falcons, and climbing is prohibited, it is now protected, as much of our coastline is.

The Rock went from road fill to treasure. Now it is considered the Gibraltar of California.

About 20 minutes after this picture was taken, a huge marine layer fell over it hiding the whole rock! I have seen this happen many times and it really bewilders me too... WHY? I mean WHY just around the rock? When we used to RV camp near here I was always amazed to walk out the door, misplacing the rock? I have always been chilled here too. I often think this is where the song was written "Lady is a Tramp" Frank Sinatra... Dont like California....its cold and its damp.....lalalalalalalala ( Only in Morro I say)

Blima? Theres so much more to see, when ya snowbirding over?

Are you a birdwatcher? Admirer?

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