Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Morro The Magnificent Bay

The first sighting of Morro Bay is surprising to almost everyone. Out of the rolling hills into the ocean, giant smoke stacks rise up unexpectedly. It's quirky that something so man-made, so industrial, can signal the presence of a place so beautiful. Once past the shock of the power plant, this beautiful bay side wonderland reveals itself in one delight after another. The power plant was built in the 1950's when California was booming, and it brought jobs and seafood lovers came running too! It's a sacred sea mans community as well. Walt loves to charter deep sea fish from this port. ( In fact, he has an itch right now and cant find a fishin buddy available)
The wildlife here is jaw dropping to say the least! I can sit for hours just bird watching. Everything from the Monarch butterflies, to pelicans, egrets, falcons... (bring binoculars) I STILL have yet to make it to their renowned Estuary!!!

I get the biggest kick out of Mike watching the world go by here.... Poor Blima was so sick with a head cold we stayed in the car and watched him outside.

The bottom photo.........standing 578 feet above the sea, Morro Rock is a symbol and sentinel. It is the signature trademark of Morro Bay,and almost ceased to exist not long ago. I read the story of it being chipped away in the 1950's and used for paving the roads! Until it occurred to them that they were destroying history, and rocks don't grow back! ( dumbasses) It is now home to wild life such as Seagulls, Pelicans,native Falcons, and climbing is prohibited, it is now protected, as much of our coastline is.

The Rock went from road fill to treasure. Now it is considered the Gibraltar of California.

About 20 minutes after this picture was taken, a huge marine layer fell over it hiding the whole rock! I have seen this happen many times and it really bewilders me too... WHY? I mean WHY just around the rock? When we used to RV camp near here I was always amazed to walk out the door, misplacing the rock? I have always been chilled here too. I often think this is where the song was written "Lady is a Tramp" Frank Sinatra... Dont like California....its cold and its damp.....lalalalalalalala ( Only in Morro I say)

Blima? Theres so much more to see, when ya snowbirding over?

Are you a birdwatcher? Admirer?


Anonymous said...

Soon pal, I love this, but its making me so homesick for you.

was Morro the pier we walked on and saw the pelicans standing beside the fisherman waiting for them to throw them some bait?

I love watching Pelican families flying by in a row diving for their dinner.

Love u, B.

DearGina said...

yes, they troll the boats in waiting for the clean up:)

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