Monday, August 13, 2007

Egyption Pyrimid Quilt

Off the rack and permission granted, heres a pic of one of last weeks finishes. It was fun. For a 16 yr old girl who asked for feathers of any kind:)
Threads used were So Fine, light golden. Theres alot of gold lame` in this which is quite striking, however Im sad that the pic doesnt reveal this.... grunt.
I have quite a few customs in house now, I am just bursting with ideas! Could there even BE a better job than this???
ok, well... restaurant criticing... k... thats one.... I shall go ponder, I mean work.. buh byeeee


Vicki W said...

A 16yo made that? Awesome! Your quilting is stnning.

Randi said...

Very pretty!

Carla said...

Love your quilting, Gina!! Terrific!

The Sarah Bear said...

Hey buddy - I missed you! I hate that! Can you come back?

Love ya,

TerriW said...

Ooo! I love it! Gold lame, huh? Wow!

JudyL said...

The quilt and the quilting look great! Can't wait to see what you do with the remaining customs waiting for you.

Kaye Wood said...

Terrific quilt. The gold is exactly what the quilt wanted. Keep us posted on the rest of your treasures.
Kaye Wood

MsLizzF said...

Beautiful quilt and made by a 16 year! Love seeing pictures of quilts that you have machine quilted. Good job!

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