Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Charges Filed For Blog Neglect

What seemed to be a 911 call coming from a frantic friend:

CALLER: What is going on with you? Where are you? Your Blog is silent! Are you Dead? ( This was all in the same breath of air speak!)
Blogger: (howling with laughter, then silent feeling a dirty look over the airwaves.) I'm sorry? You think I died because I'm not blogging? ( more howling)
Caller: Well that's jacked up! Hook me on a morning blog and then disappear into thin air like this! Are you alright?
Blogger: I'm fine!! I tell ya, I'm fine!
CALLER: Ok, you're fine, now its time to really chew you out.
Blogger: wait let me explain!
Caller: Oh hell no.. you told me to read your blog daily and do you know what kind of a fool I feel like clicing on there 20 times a day just to see a stupid jackpot alert that someone else won? I mean hey.. I thought it may have been you, so I had to drive down to the 7-11 to make sure! Then come back to clic on blog again to see if by chance you blogged during the time I was away from my desk!
Blogger: OMG you are a sick woman! I thought I was addicted! I wouldnt go win the lottery and not tell you!
Caller: Oh the hell you wouldn't.... where have you been then?
Blogger... Well, I have had more company, then I ....
Caller: That never stopped you from blogging before! I saw you blogging while Blima was there!
Blogger: well, I had so much to do , and when they all left I had even more to do! I was behind in my customer quilts... I 'm serious.. I didn't mean to alarm you, really!
Caller: Well, I think there should be some kind of penalty for this SNAFU.
Blogger: LOL SNAFU, perfect Ok, I'll fine myself ok? A quarter.
CALLER: Oh BS, you owe me dinner and a movie!
Blogger: K? When will I blog then?
Caller: Oh STFU and go blog will ya?
Blogger: Alrighty then... your wish is my command... would ya like that gift wrapped?
Caller: And put some pictures up too of whoever kept you from blogging!
Blogger: (in disbelief) You seeing a whole team of psychiatrists aren't you?
Caller: CLICK


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You are hilarious! What fun. LOL

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