Tuesday, August 28, 2007

21 Days Become a Habit?

You wanna do a Terrific Tuesday or should I just move on? Morning.... Second cuppa here... NOT on my feet yet either. These early mornings are kicking my behind peoples!!! I am really pulled about wanting to get up early to get Walt off to work,( 5 ish) or staying up late to quilt in the night, ( peace and quiet). This is the beginning of week 2, and wow.. the foolish things I'm doing! I almost... ALMOST not quite, sent a sandwich to work with nothing but 2 pieces of bread, mayo and mustard! Yep, I did... wrapped it up, collected fruit, snack pack, water and soda.... put it in this cute lil lunchpail I found at Harry n Davids, zipped the whole thing up and sat it on the counter. I poured a cuppa coffee and bounced off a wall or two headed toward ironing board..thinkin..... Did I put the ham n cheese on there?... I began to iron Walts shirt with a haunting feeling that I had not. I tried to brush it off while considering the notepad just in front of me for the days list of TO DO's. I was already on # 9 when I figured I couldnt ignore the doubts about the lunch pail. Just before he was ready to leave I ran in and snatched the pail away from him, saying "oh Babe, I think I forgot your water, wait a minute". I opened the fridge door while unzipping the pail and sure enough, my morning me did pack him a mayo sammich! Hey... have you ever made a sandwich inside the frosty fridge at 5 am? pfffttt.... ( good lighting but damn, put some clothes on!)

Crisis avoided. Off ya go, kiss, snicker to self... thinking Im blogging this! I'm going to call him later and squeal on myself...lol
They say that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit... I am on day 9... Pray for me:)


The Sarah Bear said...

you cannot be any cuter... lovin' your silliness always...

Anonymous said...

OMG that is hysterical!! I would of left it and waited for a phone call.

Def59 said...

Hey G, I am right there with ya packin lunches at 5:15 am! I have a routine ya know? I pack the lunches while the coffe is brewing. Well one morning things got turned around somehow and the coffe was ready so I made 2 cups of coffe and we each headed off to the bathrooms to get ready for the day and I just didn't pack any lunch at all! Mike never said a word. I realized it a couple of hours later and e-mailed an apology! Hang in there woman!

Jan Thompson said...

Gina - I can relate! When Scott retired, and we became a 24/7 couple, he came in the first day at noon and asked what we were having for lunch (read what was I going to fix him for lunch)! I told him that I had packed his lunch in a brown bag every work day for 30 years, and I was still willing to do that - pack him a brown bag lunch at 5:30 AM. He never asked again!
Are you also a one shirt a day ironing girl? I just never could get the whole iron 4 loads of wash at once thing!

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