Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another One Off The Rack...ah ah ah

I was singing another one bites the dust... did you hear me? Holy sailboats people! this Momma is an over sized king, custom commissioned, and finally finished! All in all I am pleased with this nautical beauty. The border doesnt show well, but its a beautiful map, my friend has good taste in her fabrics:)
Tomorrow is a Susan Branch Challenge quilt woohoo!( have you seen her new line?) This one is called Coastal Colors. And of course, my evenings spent with grama Amanda and her Dresden... whats life going to be like at night without her? I dunno.. I sure hope Idol and 24 is there to take her place!!!
I took the better part of today off and helped Walt in the new Cambria Classroom. I think we need some inspirational, if not motivational posters and a few other things in there, and we will be done. It is REALLY so gorgeous in Cambria, I was in awe of the breathtaking views from homes in the pines over looking the ocean! OMGoodness! Im always amazed at the differance in beaches a few miles apart. Cambria has pebbly beaches, alot of black sand, and soft white surf.... ::sigh:: We played for awhile while I collected a few ( million) pebbles for Walts new artichoke plant garden. We saw deer in front yards, dolphins whipping by, and on the way home in Cayocus, Momma whale with her calf headed toward Pismo!! We tried to follow but she gave us the slip. drat. We had lunch in a bustling grill there in downtown Cambria.. Main Street Grill. Delicious Oak Pit BBQ we couldnt resist when we drove by! I dont think that my Tri Tip turns out that tender.... delish!
It was a wonderful Sunday, before work week begins. Hope all of you had a nice one too!


Shron said...

aaaaahhhhhh, that's pretty!!! You done good girlfriend!

TerriW said...

Ooo! That's a nice quilt! I have done a couple of sailboat quilts this year. They seem to come in clumps. I think our summer sailing people (third coast, ya know) make them for their boats.

I may have missed this somewhere in your blogs, but what does Walt teach?


Randi said...

Gina, beautiful quilt! Doesn't it feel so good to get one finished?!

Carol said...

Gina -

I love reading your blog! You are so warm and fun and that comes through with all that you write.


DearGina said...

Thanks:) I'm so happy to have visitors! I wish I could pour coffee!!!

Walt teaches Business Technology courses and computer applications for Cambria High School.

Nancy H said...

I've seen that map fabric its lovely!

Kaye Wood said...

Combine blue & white with sailboats and you have a winner. The quilt back (with label) really sets this quilt apart. Congratulations.
Kaye Wood (

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