Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Friends and Family = Fun

All Black n Whites are Heathers shots... amazing woman she is........... this is Avi, me, and Ginny

This is Aviana's first portfolio head shot.... all agents, see Nonni first... or else.....

Sorry for being AWOL faihful blog readers. I confess, I havent had a moment to spare in days! We had a wonderful visit from friends and family for the week end. Now me and Greta Gammil are smokinnnnnnnnn over there in order to get quilts finished up for THIS coming week end:)
I wrapped it up about 1 am, and I thought I should come relax awhile and speak to you.:)

Hi!!! :::Waving vigorously::::

My daughter and grand kids came in,Walts daughter, and also our friends Heather and Kim and their girls....decided to come for a visit too! We had a full house and it felt good to hear the ruckus round here:) I had such a ball playing with their youngest ones, my Aviana and Sarah:) ::Sigh:: Makes me want to run out and buy em more

We had manicures, pedicures, we waxed things... we sat on the beach toasting marshmellows... we chased kids!!!!!!!!!! HAd a great repeat of the Cliffs Brunch and Live on the Rocks concert too. I cant wait til we do it again! Hopefully, there will be more sunshine! I heard that we were having an abnormal June gloom? Great eh... just when we wanted sun. GRUNT. I will leave you with a few pictures of our week end, then I'm off to catch a few hours nap:) These pics are nothing in comparison to Heathers shots over on her blog------> SARAH BEAR----->SHE is photographer extroidinaire! (ppsst...c'mere, I can get you a good discount, call her!)

Sarah is one cool chicky I tell ya!......Harmony(below) we found out is quite ticklish!

Aviana's first Pedicure with Mommy and Auntie Julie... red was her choice.. ( could ya just melt?)

Hope to chat with you tomorrow! Of course I can't forget Ginger:)

Walt couldnt resist bugging Julie with whipped cream in the morning:)
And more of Mini Me!!!!!!!!!!!!

What would YOU do for a Klondike Bar at 2 am??


Anonymous said...

Great Pics, wonderful memories :)


To Be Continued... said...

what a funny girl you are. your place is so interesting and the humor is kickin'. i'll be a cheerleader for you, when you need one. had fun with you online. hope you don't frazzeled with my puter stuff. i wrote a little something, you'll have to check it out. maybe i can get more humorous myself.have a great night!!!:D

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