Wednesday, August 8, 2007

California Mid State Fair

So ya wanna know the best part about this years California Mid State Fair was? It wasn't the delicious Margaritas in the cantina with an awesome Live Jazz band playing. Nope... It wasn't the sampling of this years winning wines.... Na ah.... It wasn't even the walk down EAT EVERYTHING IN SITE row..... Certainly not the carnival rides! The concessions toys were sorely lacking, I couldnt even find a penguin....GRUNT. Now, understandably, I am a Sacramento native and nothing anywhere has ever beaten the CA State Fair at Cal Expo, so I'm a bit bias, ok? I mean... the quilt entries were ..... barely there? We walked, we talked, ate, shopped.. I was rather disappointed but having a good time, when there it called to me... it said "G!!!!!!! I got what you have been searching for several summers for! Please, come closer.........yes, this a way... right inside my little shop of Bling bling......"

Walt see's the twinkle in my eye and invites me for one more walk around the carnival. PPfftt.... I said ok Babe... how about you go sit over there for a minute while I just go sneak a peek K?.... He smiled as he rolled his eyes and said, okay... ya want my credit card or do ya have yours? ( what a good man eh?) ( read smart)

I waded through at least 10 women with ugly toes. No kidding... ugly toes... hello??? If you're gonna sport those pretty blings get a pedicure people! It was finally my turn to be fitted with a VERY cool doesnt slide off toe ring of my very own! No more losing them in the shower! No more bending over to squezze the ring shut and pinching the hell out of your poor toe! I chose a white gold, with a channel of diamonds across the front. Over the top you say? Oh hell no! I have 10 toes and I want only ONE ring okay??? The nice lady was all too happy to lube me up and slide that shiny thing on.. OMG I was tickled pink! She offered to do the other foot. I looked over to see if my Walt was starring at me...:::just checkin:: He was grining from ear to ear probobly knew exactly what I was up to. I smiled and told her the one would do....for now.... So i say to you, THE best part of the Mid State Fair in paso Robles this year was the Bling Ring on my toe! Here she is!It never comes off! it never hurts! it doesnt cramp my sneakers! And best of all......... Its just so PURRTYYYYYY....

Ok, so I guess you had to be there? I thought it was a good blogabout?

Whats yor favorite SPA treatment? Facial? Pedicure? Manicure? Massage? Come on...tell me....


Anonymous said... you finally found it :) do you take it off?
love the flip flops, they are soooo you.
QOTD....can I say ALL? remember that facial we had last year, we both came out at the same time feeling vegged out, (is that a word)?loved that.

DearGina said...

Much pondering...... I say Pedicure, a good one.. not a wham bam paint your toes one. Nope, the big time exfoliator one,with the illegal blade thingy... the massage up to there one... yep.... do me.

To take off my TR I would need alot of dishsoap like lubricant. In the morning, when no water retention

JudyL said...

It's beautiful!!

Lynn Douglass said...

Love the tootsie blig, girlfriend! You have such perty little feet! Gotta tell ya, too, that Mini You is absolutely gorgeous!

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