Monday, August 13, 2007

While The Cat's Away................

Perfectly harmless playing in the studio while Mom's gone delivering quilts eh?

This lil super chicken went on walkabout looking for me, ( I can only suspect) and decided to hang out awhile waiting for my return! Walt nearly had a coronary searching the house for him upon returning from the beach. His fear , of course, the mysterious disappearance of my faithful friend and quilting companion! Yep, heads would surely roll! He told me that he had invisioned Ginger having eaten him... or maybe the neighbor cat scaring him into hiding... when in fact, he was waiting patiently for the music to start in the studio to dance the THUPER CHICKEN dance with!

When Walt finally found him he couldnt resist snapping some proof shots for me:) I see he must have fallen a time or two judging by his squirrely feather sticking out there on the ironing board. Thank goodness I didnt leave things out for him to have destroyed!!! Look at this little trouble maker doing parrot olympics off of the board!!!
You know, theres no telling what goes on here while I'm away....grunt.

I had yet another fast trip to the valley. Over 800 miles in 48 hours. I worked at LQS for a few hours, pick up and deliveries.. ( I just love that) It keeps me connected with valley quilters and I feel quite welcome and at home. I Visited with all the kids and grandkids...everyone is getting so big:( That lil baby Shawn is all smiles and looks so much like his Daddy...::sigh:: I spent Sunday with Mom and Dad. I made it home last night in time to round the corner at Shell Beach for a magnificent clear sunset! OMG it was so beautiful I was wishing I had a camera in hand! I met Walt at a local Oak Pit BBQ restaurant that we frequent, talked his ear off for an hour, came home scooped up some love from the pets, and fell into bed. Mission accomplished. Again.

I must admit that I feel rather wet noodlish this morning, but determined to attack this mornings list. So have a wonderful Monday, and wish me well:)


By the way.......... I forgot to tell ya, I have a new pedicurist:) Wonderful training doncha think??? A a new term too... listen closely and feel free to use it at will.............

Nonni, Wanna Pedicute?


Dianah said...

Oh Crap!!!! I forgot to give you your thing! I will mail it on Wednesday, my day off. It was great to see you.


DearGina said...

You gave me a quilt to quilt? I thought THAT was the thing? LOL

DearGina said...

Great to see you too:)

Sharon said...

AAAAhhhhhhhhhhh, poor Sir Rudy! You abandoned him.

Dianah said...

Heck no! That's work. I bought you a small gift.

Poop has the same outfit Avi has on in the picture.


I want to see a picture of your friends quilt that is going to Houston.

Anonymous said...

Gina,I don't know how to post a picture. Help!!!!!!

DearGina said...

LOl Ok I will ask her!
Marnie? Email me the quilt pic.. I dont think u can post a pic thru comments.. I will get it done:)

The Sarah Bear said...


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