Monday, August 27, 2007

Marvelous Mondays!!!

Psssttt.... Come mere, I gots coffee on, lets chat a minute K?

WHO said they should be called Manic as in the song???( Just another manic Monday) I think we should rename them Marvelous! Ok... lets run with that shall we? On Marvelous Mondays, we can discuss the last weeks Marvelous Moments! Theres nothing written in stone that Mondays Must Be Mundane, Manic, Mysterious, Muddled through, Muffed up, ( you get my drift right, so I can quit?) K... Who said we must PURSUE happiness? What if its sitting right here in you, and you can just go grab some whenever you want to? If you just followed it around looking for it, wouldn't that constitute chasing ones tail? I think so.........
The week that brought me TO this Marvelous Monday, I am thankful for...( lets do 7, as many days past eh... ::thinkin::::::

A nice visit with my new sister in law in Alaska. (who knew?)

California Jackpot MANIA!!! (Still going on!! And I'm STILL on it!)

The smile on Walt's face hosting his brother here for the first time. ( It makes ME smile, especially right now cause I love to tease him in his PAPA SMURF SHIRT)

My New P Touch Label maker! (nothing around here is safe now)

The funds being mailed off for my October class with new teacher I've been waiting for!

The chat with my sis about her continued education, and coming to meet me in October! ( happy birthday to me...lalalala)

Ginger getting the hang of STAY command while visitors are here. ( u should see her vibrate with excitement!

What was nice about this chat of ours dear bloggers... is that I actually had WAY more than 7!!! Now I ask you, wasnt that better than a manic Monday?
I better get back to work now. I have a soup to put on, Walt's day one with students today, so I think Split Pea comfort food, and a Blima Burger maybe in order:) And a train quilt to finish!

Have a Marvelous Monday Everyone!

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Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a really nice weekend, Im glad.
Ginger looks fabulous, I love her colour, she already looks so Jappy. :) love that.


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