Thursday, August 23, 2007

It Wasn't Me, But I'm On It!!


MEGA Millions Jackpot Rolls, One Ticket Worth $761,418 Awarded

SACRAMENTO – Although no one won the MEGA Millions jackpot last night, one lucky California Lottery player matched 5 numbers and won $761,418. That winner hasn’t come forward to claim their prize. Players still have the opportunity to win tonight with our SLP jackpot topping $74 million. The $761,418 winning ticket was bought at Young’s Shell located at 4403 S. Figueroa Street in Los Angeles, CA 90037. More than 195,000 other players won $932,945.


Rules of engagement:
Go into several 7-11's or small Mom n Pop liquor stores and buy a 40 ouncer of beer and a quick pick. Come home and pour the beer in your garden to kill snails naturally( don't drink any unless its unusually warm out) ... sign the said ticket, Go to the computer and do an MLS search for the home of your choice. Push Print. Now plaster all printed photos on cupboards in front of your workspace. You wont believe the amount of work you can accomplish by daydreaming THIS dream!!! And besides.... you are inviting the universe to come please you:)


The Sarah Bear said...

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! Back to the liquor store I go...

Kim and I decided to stop eating out to save money, but with all this darn Lotto Craze... I think we are just swapping dinner money for tickets... but man o man - when we win, it will have been worth it :)

DearGina said...

change stores.... and btw.. theres a liquor store on land park drive in sacramento, has had 3 winners... take a drive!!

Anonymous said...

woohoo! did you buy me a ticket?

DearGina said...

Oh Jeez Im so excited i bought everyone I know a ticket! LOL

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