Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prayer When Ya Need It, & Even When Ya Don't!

When I'm tired. When I'm feeling unsure of myself? When I miss my baby and its cutting me to shreds, and no one knows. When I cannot for the life of me figure out how I have a daughter in her 30's when I swear I'm still 30?

I think this is Mother Teresas prayer, not certain, but I use it anyway. Maybe a Catholic out there will know?
May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith. May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you..May you be content. Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.

Directly after this prayer is always cited Eleanor I dunno why? Its hard to be me?

"Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you will be critized anyways."

Eleanor... where are ya?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's a Small World Afterall!!


I met a fellow quilter today who knew me!!! How cool is THAT??? I was sitting in the hair stylists chair telling him about my job at the Inn, and my passion at the Inn, (quilting) and he says to me, oh! Right behind you in my daughters chair is another longarmer. I peeked in the mirror at the woman behind me and she gave a giggle saying, I THINK I KNOW YOU! Yep yep yep.. she knew deargina,,, whoda thunk? An instantly, I felt like I met a friend.:::finally eh:::
Her name is Loris and she drives an A1 here in Cambria. ( sounds so industrial huh?)
Well, I am just tickled and hope we can meet soon for some quilt chat and a cuppa. Know what else? She has a blog!!!! Go visit her, its on the right, Loris.::::::Waving:::::

Monday, April 27, 2009

First Quilts Hung-Marvelous Mondays!

Ya know you're home when your beloved quilts begin to adorn the walls. :::and beds::
The first two have been hung on and near the stairwell. Far too vintage to be utilitarian, but still need to be loved up! :::wink to Dear Blima::: I cant wait until the quilts go on the beds, WHOA, what a job awaits me. ( I'll get to it, sooner or later) FOr now, I'm thankful these are finally up!

*Quilts,& Trunks, trunks and quilts.... sigh
* Happy guests, reviews, and photos of :)
* Help in the kitchen!!!!, wait....more...!!!!!!!
*Fresh fruits & herbs here all the time at our local farmers mkt!!
*Late riser guests::wink::

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Heard Humming?

Well now theres a break through. I think. Walt told me today that he had heard me humming for the first time in a long time, and it was nice. Poor Walt. The first line of defense in this rough time for G. It made me feel so bad but at the same time hopeful that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel, however bright or dimly lit it is, or will be. I wonder what I was humming? I bet it was just food humming over biting into his yummy bisquits & gravy. ( Sunday Fare at The Pickford) I bet it really is quite odd not to hear me singing at the top of my lungs all of the time as he had been used to. Maybe he just loved to tell me how much my voice carried and to hush up a little? No matter... Humming is a good thing. I'll take it.
How goes your Sunday? Its a beautiful warm sunny day here in Cambria! I sure dont miss MORBID BAY. Not one little bit. It has been rather windy lately, but no depressing fog off the deck eh... I'll take it too. Our guests are off doing whatever guests do. I think one is Hearst Castle tour, the other wine tasting. I must return to the kitchen shortly to make more granola, banana bread and some brownies for tonight. I get such a tickle from the late night guests sneaking down here for a cookie raid. Men are just big kids arent they? Funny tale.... While Julie was here helping us to get moved in, I think it was day 3 for her... she complained to me. Hand on hip, foot to one side, head cocked. " So WHERE are the cookies that you put out for the guests each night?" ( we were guestless that week) I howled with laughter and told her she wasnt a guest, go in the kitchen and get your own! She went on to say that wasnt fun. She wanted to sneak down the stairs and raid the cookie jar in the lobby. Oh brother! No age limit on kids being kids is there?
Another hit seems to be the treasure chest idea of Walts. At the top of the stairs he wanted a trunk. ( we like trunks, old ones). A small trunk filled with surprises so that if the guests dared to open said trunk, they would find a little treasure to take home. I indulged this childish idea, and to my surprise the guests go nuts over this thing! I have seen them with lollipops, fake teeth, paddle balls, star shaped sun glasses and always chocolates! Just hysterical I tell you.
Jake will be happy to see our lemon drops in the lobby jar. Its a dispenser that shoots a lemon drop from a seagull, onto a seashell. I get a tickle watching the guests grab them before they hit the floor! LOL ( wait, maybe I'm a kid too). Ok so I have no idea why I am rambling on, I guess I better get to baking. Or humming... or both. Maybe ill go take some pics of above items for ya....

Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Gettin' There!

My desk tops up my desk tops up!! Sounds simple, but when I depend on the yahoo dinger and the music files, its pretty darned remarkable! Walt and I were once again multitasking yesterday at a high rate of speed. We got the shop further along, the desk top up, and all keys all these doors changed and tagged. WOW! We got up this morning, 6:00 am, coffee in hand, looking around as if to silently say, "whoa.... progress!"

Rudy is working on our nerves with his constant contact calls. He doesnt even like it eat alone. Poor thing wants to be hauled around, see the sights, be with his humans. We are just so busy these days. I tell him it will all calm down soon. I dunno who Im trying to convince, me or him.
I have been speaking to my son alot lately too. How I only wish that he would talk back. For some reason many snapshots are coming to mind when I least expect it. Things I didnt remember, or even realize about those first few days, weeks, months after we lost him. It startles me so, scares me, and again I begin to relive and must clic channels repeatedly. Things that people did, said... I guess I had it blocked? I keep thinking its been long enough. Come home now Jamie, I cant go another week without seeing you. But its just not going to happen, and frankly I dont know how I'll ever survive, but I do. I miss him so much. We all do. Battling the mind eh...Clic.
I shall wish you all a happy Friday as I must go and finsih up breakfast for our guests. Thankfully they asked for a "late"

On the Menu today( since I do remember foodie fridays:) is fresh fruit parfait( black, straw, blueberries and bananas) with vanila yogurt and granola, Maple smoked bacon strips, red potatos with chopped red pepper and onions. Scrambled eggs with fresh Pico de Gallo on the side, and those danged ole Abelskivers. ( psstttt I dont like em much, but everyone else seems to) Swing by, wanna bite?
Love yer guts!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sham Wow!!

I told you people I was gonna do it! Its a nice break in all the work doncha think? Ssshhhh No one tell the boss k? ( Oh wait, thats me) Ok, type faster.
A few years I got excited watching ole Vince yak at me on infomercials about Shamwow. I like him. He is funny, unlike that annoying Billy Mays character. Walt said it was a sham. I said I know! SHAM WOW!!! I asked for them for Christmas. Not bad huh? It wasnt Emeralds, diamonds or Pearls, it was just a Sham Wow. Grunt.
I was at Costco a month or so ago and right in the door much to my surprise was a big colorful box of SHAMWOWS!!! I threw them in the basket. Walt took them out. This began an hour long debate about SHAMS, and SHAM WOWS. I put them back in the basket while Walt walked off to the clothes shaking his head, citing that I had just been "taken". PPfffttttt

I have since washed with them, dried with them, drained things on them,dusted,mopped, wiped, stretched, cut, thrown in washer, tested as a bath mat, and last night, cleaned the Gammil table and made it shine like the top of the Chrysler building! (I caught Walt Shamwowing the countertop too) All I gotta say is.. well... two things... I was so right,::::GOTTA LUB DAT:::: and SHAM WOW!!!! Go get some. $27.99 for the box. Money well spent. Now... I must tell you that I have since seen that my Vince has moved on to something new, and Im so not going for it. SLAP CHOP???? GEMME A BREAK HERE BUDDY!! Ya had me til that one:::wink:::

Monday, April 20, 2009

Marvelous Mondays in April

I'm still reeling from trying to pack everything from a 3 story house into my quarters in this house. Its difficult at best to know what you can live without for a few years, and what a girl needs to feel like, yep.. I have arrived, and this is home. I took many pictures... pics of my family and friends, the coffeemaker, the cuisinart, greta gammil and a couple beloved signs. I wanted to show you all that I need. And then the lightbulb went off. I just NEED to remember this. My Sis gave me this many many years ago and it goes where I walk daily, as not to ever forget. When my head is about to spin off and all lists seem too long. I am thankful for what I have. Left. ( because I do feel a terrible void) wait, shoot CLIC

Ok, so quite often lately Walt and I are looking at each other with the deer caught in the headlights and at the same time we say the same words. What have we done now???

We remind each other of all of the pros and cons lists that we made. Yep, we did it. I must admit that I dont think we realized the totality of it all. Chief cook and bottle washer. (what an under statement that is) I will leave with a grateful spirit though, and this Credo of mine that hangs all over round here. Oh, and one more shameless pic of needs at the bottom. :::WINK:::

Guard your thoughts; they become words.
Guard your words; they become actions.
Guard your actions; they become habits.
Guard your habits; they become character.
Guard your character; it becomes your destiny.

Yes, its true... my faster than lightning Bunn , and those miraculous ShamWows! I think I should go make more coffee now and get to work! I need a ShamWow blog too...hmmmmmm

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Daughter In Law!

Idaho!! IDAHO!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY:( Oh.... get it together G....

Happy Birthday Stephanie, I wish you were closer!! ( maybe Heathers sis Lori will go smooch you up) How old are you anyway? I am getting so goofy that I'm losing track of ages, birthdays, is this normal? I wish you were closer to quilt with me, I know that you would be a natural! I hope that you have a lovely day and are treated as special as you are.

Love up that cutie pie in your arms for me too!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Is It Just Me?

Or are you people having a difficult time with American Idol voting? What talent this season huh???I have my fingers on the texter, and really have a tough time deciding!( I have been loyal to Danny, however) Having said that, I am truly amazed at the voices coming out of the Season 8 box!!!
I have been retiring early lately, due to some health issues, so I can sit in bed and whine or yell all that I want to. READ: throw shoes high at TV. What? Purely cheap entertainment, and it keeps me off the streets right? Not sure I like the new Judge Kara, but Im keeping my eye on her. I sure hope I never hear crappy things about Simon, cause he really amuses me.
About the health issues. I'm kind of scared, so I finally made a doctor appt. Sure enough, as suspected, he has me running all over town testing things. GRUNT. This, I tell you, scares me even more.When I have a prognosis, I'll report. I think. Unless I have myself dead and buried, then in that case, refer to Walt.
I am currently trudging through boxes over here. The studio is about...shall we say.... HALF up and running. Walt and I are scratching things to make everything fit. Me thinks we need a Ebayathon for stash fabrics, then start all over again woohoo!Greta Gammil is back on the table in her new home, clean and shined whispering to me:) The pegboards are up, but we cant find even half of the thread boxes! The TV is up, and so is the customer shelving/closets/ oh! and the stencil pole thingy is hung. We cant find room for the ironing board or Rudy. This caused us both to stop scratching, leave the room and empty boxes elsewhere. I really would take pictures, but then YOU may run out of the room screaming! Soon, very soon I will have the machine purring like a kitten while Fergie blasts the room, and somethings in the oven! Soon...very soon. Chat soon dear blog readers:)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Lovee!!!

I'm with you in spirt little one:) I'm so happy to have had her here last week end or I would really be mess eh?
4 years ago, Grandparenting took on a whole new meaning. You kn0w that Rainrops on roses tune from the sound of music? I use Aviana in place of their lyrics! It works...whatever it takes says I. This child is larger than life. Full of love and energy and everything in between. In a heartbeat she will steal your heart and is truly unforgetable. It only proves that the older I get, the less I can say that I know everything, because frankly my dear, I never knew this kind of love before. Wierd eh?Her personality is shining in this pic. Such a

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday, Phew! M & M's

How many by a show of hands thinks she needs an underwear day?
We enjoyed what little time that we had with Karen Art & Aviana, in between building things, unpacking things, and hunting eggs?Avi told me our house was too big to do
Its just amazing what we got done, really.
Poor Walt didnt fair so well with a trip to the hospital for slicing his forefinger while hurriedly opening boxes. ( watch out for those box cutters people!!) He will be fine, but he did 12 stitches worth of damage and had to have a tetenus shot. READ: painful. Avi, we decided needs piano lessons as she seems so natural at it. ( see pic below) We had a very nice dinner and our in house guests didnt even mind the bog blue bunny in the dining room at all? LOL
I'm so grateful for thier short visit that it was all I could do to keep myself from dragging them back into the house against thier will. Theres not a lot of rest for Karen in the nursing program for 5 more months. I'm so very proud of her. ( btw, came in handy with Walt bleeding all over too)
I am a bit blurry this morning, but on the attack list. Happy Marvelous Monday to all, and chat soon:)
M & M's:
That Walts wound was not worse!!
Karen & Arts help (come back Shane.....)
Aviana , heart food for me
Jakes call
Wine sales!!
Those darn robins eggs malt ball candies... darn it!!!
the found remote control!

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Girl Friday Needed

The daughters are coming the daughters are coming! :::not excited am I?::::
Avi, Art & Karen will arrive this evening, and Julie not far behind. THE BEST GUESTS EH! I wish Jake & Steph were coming too!:::grunt::: Jamie would love it here. Sigh. I would put him to work, after I fed him, of course. He would have a ball. Clic
I just finished serving breakfast and half cleaning. I have the longest list you have ever seen to do before the next check ins... THE KIDS!!!
I decided that Im doing very well with everything, tired as I may be, with one exception. OMG I hate cleaning!!! Dishes, floors laundry oh my! So like I didnt see this in my minds eye while making the decision to do it? I need a cleaning lady!!! who wants the creepy job cause I dont!!!
Yep, I need a girl Friday, preferably one who sews
Hey, heres my girl friday.... she loves up the guests, then pulls up a chair and waits for more to arrive.What happened to Foodie Fridays??? Hmmmm
I got some banana Bread, wanna swing by for a cuppa? I know... you're scared I may put you to work huh? I better run...I hear the yard peoples out there... I wonder if they do floors?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Whats Today? Wednesday?

Not sure, its a big blurr right about now. Walt and I are truly over spent. We take turns whining, with a smile, of course. His thumbs, my hips. His feet, my bwain.
Psst... come mere...... ::::this is a hellofa lotta work!!::::
If not, I would say how fun it is. Right now I'm tired? It will come round, I'm sure. We have met some very interesting people I tell ya. Thats so cool. I just love that part. Walt has his spring vacation coming up so I think we will get a better handle on the "MOVE" next week. My studio needs attention asap as I have customers in there too! I really didnt expect so many guests right out of the gate you know? I hope to have some of our own here for Easter. I sure miss them. I put about a dozen calls on my to do list today. So far, Ma is the only one I have made. She asked me if I disowned her....dang it. I just need to hear their voices. Ok, and I need a nap. I hope all of you are doing well, and maybe missing my posts a little too? I have had no time to hit my own blogs. I think I better put them on a list somewhere to. Happy hump day to ya, I think?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring BREAK? M & M's

My foot, spring break. Gemme a break. Walt doesnt break until Friday, but that means nothing when he will have 9 days to accomplish all of this! I sort of thought that we would have a week or so before the guests would begin arriving during week days. NOT. I forgot about Easter vacations and teachers on holiday!!!! So...upon check in, I ask, " Are you a teacher?" The answers are coming in one after the other, YEP. So yes indeed, all of this week, I am cooking, Innkeepering, and unpacking boxes. Oh! Re packing boxes too, for cold storage. I sure wish that one of my kids were here to help me too dang it. I spoke with Jake last night and it made me so sad. I unpacked a box of old letters written by me( cause writing is what I do a lot of) and many of the letters were about Jamie. I hadnt seen them in years. In one letter he was only 16 and I was bragging about how he was so responsible and wanted to take care of me and didnt know how to. My heart is truly broken. I can only hope that someday it can be mended enough to smile about those days.
Where was I? Ah yes.. Spring break I hope to see Karen and the kids at least. I have a HUGE list of things to help with. I wonder if she will make me breakfast? Come onnnnn Karen! I suppose I better get to all of these dishes again. I swear my nails are toast! ::no pun intended::
Have a good week, Happy Passover, Palm Sunday, and Easter shopping week!( dang I need to go shopping)

M & M's include:

*Understanding guests at the Inn!
* Blimas recipe for Latkes!
*this "haul around" laptop
*fresh fruits n veggies, all year!
* My new bed...ahhhhh
*Prilosec, yep... Prilosec

Saturday, April 4, 2009

You Say Potato, I say ROCKO!

Walt is a prankster I tell you. Here's how it went down............

First breakfast that I have taken over the house, the kitchen, the Inn. I have everything ready. Pots, pans, whips, processor, foods, drinks, I'm so ready for that 6:00 am alarm clock, even though its not my CUPPA right? Right.
I came out to the kitchen, oven on, heat on, coffee on, lets go! With half cup in me I got to the potato bowl ready to have a peelathon for my potato pancakes. I peel one, sip 2, peel 1, sip 2, then I grab a potato and think... what the hell? Its cold, heavy, is it cooked?It looks like its been boiled, ready to peel.... is it rotten? Ok, its a russet, not a yukon... :::stare harder:::: OMFG its NOT a potato at all! WALTTTTTTT! What a naughty trick to play on a poor tired sleepy woman, on the first day of cooking for the guests.....Its a ROCK!

Its a ROCK!!! He is ignoring my hollering, probobly doing a dick dasterdly snicker in a corner somewhere!

Large child.

I'm thinkin 12 ish.



Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Emily!

It's nearly impossible to believe how time is whizzing past us these days, but yes...yes it has been a year since Emily arrived. Truly an unforgetable year. Happy Birthday Emi! Hope to see you soon!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wheres The Studio?

This would make ANY quilter have a meltdown right? OK, so I'm not an alien. The last load has arrived. The shop and all of its contents. Cabinets, boxes, bags and batting, its in there. Grunt. On one hand, it feels a lot better having all of our stuff in one place now, but on the other......whoa. Nuff said.

I have no time to attack the studio since we have incoming guests tomorrow. I am concentrating on the kitchen. Its very un nerving to move into a kitchen, where there is an exsisting kitchen. I dont think "marrying" spices should be part of the move in process. Trash control seems to be an issue to overcome as well.

Hey! Can you peoples freaking believe we DID THIS???:::considering running down the street nekkid right now:::::

I did however get the beloved curio unpacked round midnight last night. The dining room/saloon is really becomming gorgeous! I may want to hang out in here more than the little living room we have for ourselves. Its very cool that I love old world decor. My entire house ( albeit a smaller scale) could just scoot right in! Sure helps for storage I tell ya!
I'll take more pics as time allows, but for now.. send "go gina go" thoughts so I can get this monster house together soon!
BB when I can LYG!

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