Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring BREAK? M & M's

My foot, spring break. Gemme a break. Walt doesnt break until Friday, but that means nothing when he will have 9 days to accomplish all of this! I sort of thought that we would have a week or so before the guests would begin arriving during week days. NOT. I forgot about Easter vacations and teachers on holiday!!!! So...upon check in, I ask, " Are you a teacher?" The answers are coming in one after the other, YEP. So yes indeed, all of this week, I am cooking, Innkeepering, and unpacking boxes. Oh! Re packing boxes too, for cold storage. I sure wish that one of my kids were here to help me too dang it. I spoke with Jake last night and it made me so sad. I unpacked a box of old letters written by me( cause writing is what I do a lot of) and many of the letters were about Jamie. I hadnt seen them in years. In one letter he was only 16 and I was bragging about how he was so responsible and wanted to take care of me and didnt know how to. My heart is truly broken. I can only hope that someday it can be mended enough to smile about those days.
Where was I? Ah yes.. Spring break I hope to see Karen and the kids at least. I have a HUGE list of things to help with. I wonder if she will make me breakfast? Come onnnnn Karen! I suppose I better get to all of these dishes again. I swear my nails are toast! ::no pun intended::
Have a good week, Happy Passover, Palm Sunday, and Easter shopping week!( dang I need to go shopping)

M & M's include:

*Understanding guests at the Inn!
* Blimas recipe for Latkes!
*this "haul around" laptop
*fresh fruits n veggies, all year!
* My new bed...ahhhhh
*Prilosec, yep... Prilosec

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