Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wheres The Studio?

This would make ANY quilter have a meltdown right? OK, so I'm not an alien. The last load has arrived. The shop and all of its contents. Cabinets, boxes, bags and batting, its in there. Grunt. On one hand, it feels a lot better having all of our stuff in one place now, but on the other......whoa. Nuff said.

I have no time to attack the studio since we have incoming guests tomorrow. I am concentrating on the kitchen. Its very un nerving to move into a kitchen, where there is an exsisting kitchen. I dont think "marrying" spices should be part of the move in process. Trash control seems to be an issue to overcome as well.

Hey! Can you peoples freaking believe we DID THIS???:::considering running down the street nekkid right now:::::

I did however get the beloved curio unpacked round midnight last night. The dining room/saloon is really becomming gorgeous! I may want to hang out in here more than the little living room we have for ourselves. Its very cool that I love old world decor. My entire house ( albeit a smaller scale) could just scoot right in! Sure helps for storage I tell ya!
I'll take more pics as time allows, but for now.. send "go gina go" thoughts so I can get this monster house together soon!
BB when I can LYG!


Freda said...


Desert Threads said...

Oh my yes girl....keep them on!!
Wish you weren't so far away, I'd be happy to come help.

Feather on a Wire said...

I'm so impressed at how you are keeping your energy up. In a few weeks time you'll be able to laugh at this (well maybe a few months).

Judy Laquidara said...

I would also recommend keeping the clothes on! Your new house is much better than where they would take you if you were caught running down the street naked! :)

Mary said...

Nope, can't believe you did it. I'm just watching in amazement as you get settled in.

Love the windows in your studio looks like you'll have great light.

Thearica said...

Sending you those "go gina go" thoughts!!

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