Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Lovee!!!

I'm with you in spirt little one:) I'm so happy to have had her here last week end or I would really be mess eh?
4 years ago, Grandparenting took on a whole new meaning. You kn0w that Rainrops on roses tune from the sound of music? I use Aviana in place of their lyrics! It works...whatever it takes says I. This child is larger than life. Full of love and energy and everything in between. In a heartbeat she will steal your heart and is truly unforgetable. It only proves that the older I get, the less I can say that I know everything, because frankly my dear, I never knew this kind of love before. Wierd eh?Her personality is shining in this pic. Such a nutbar...lol


Desert Threads said...

Happy birthday Avi!!

Carla said...

She is downright beautiful!! So glad you got to spend time with her, grandkids just melt your heart!!

How's the new adventure going? Hugs, Carla

Sharon Dixon said...

Methinks Aviana is a lot like her grandmother:)

The Sarah Bear said...

Happy Birthday Avi!!! FOUR YEARS OLD! WOW! They grow up quick! The pictures of her at easter were absolutly beautiful - and yes - PIANO LESSONS!

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