Monday, April 27, 2009

First Quilts Hung-Marvelous Mondays!

Ya know you're home when your beloved quilts begin to adorn the walls. :::and beds::
The first two have been hung on and near the stairwell. Far too vintage to be utilitarian, but still need to be loved up! :::wink to Dear Blima::: I cant wait until the quilts go on the beds, WHOA, what a job awaits me. ( I'll get to it, sooner or later) FOr now, I'm thankful these are finally up!

*Quilts,& Trunks, trunks and quilts.... sigh
* Happy guests, reviews, and photos of :)
* Help in the kitchen!!!!, wait....more...!!!!!!!
*Fresh fruits & herbs here all the time at our local farmers mkt!!
*Late riser guests::wink::


Deb said...

Looking good! Always a good sign when the quilts go up.

Carol said...

I love your blog about getting all settled in the inn. You are an amazing woman and I love the strength you have to walk your path - even when it sometimes is just too difficult for anyone. You are an inspiration!

The Sarah Bear said...

and humming!!! you forgot HUMMING! :) Love you!

Gretchen said...

Better every day! LYG

Marilyn Smith said...

Gina, you two are making it your own. The quilts look beautiful. Can't wait to see them on the beds. Went to a B&B in Vermont....huge rooms...and beautiful quilts on the bed. Nice breakfast too..DS cooked it. He also worked in the best restaraunt in Burlington as a chef. Worked his way thru college that way!

Hope to visit you someday (I want to spend time in the quilt studio)!


Loris said...

Hi Gina,
It's Loris who you met at the 'Beauty Parlor' today. Found your link through MQR.
Hope you have fun putting your new studio together. It will feel wonderful for you, I'm sure.
Nice to meet you in person.
Best wishes in your new endeavor.
Welcome to Cambria!

Gina said...

Thanks everyone, working it hard here...While humming? Hope it all works out!

Loris, so good to meet you!

Des said...

The quilts look awesome on the walls. I love decorating like that!

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