Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sham Wow!!

I told you people I was gonna do it! Its a nice break in all the work doncha think? Ssshhhh No one tell the boss k? ( Oh wait, thats me) Ok, type faster.
A few years I got excited watching ole Vince yak at me on infomercials about Shamwow. I like him. He is funny, unlike that annoying Billy Mays character. Walt said it was a sham. I said I know! SHAM WOW!!! I asked for them for Christmas. Not bad huh? It wasnt Emeralds, diamonds or Pearls, it was just a Sham Wow. Grunt.
I was at Costco a month or so ago and right in the door much to my surprise was a big colorful box of SHAMWOWS!!! I threw them in the basket. Walt took them out. This began an hour long debate about SHAMS, and SHAM WOWS. I put them back in the basket while Walt walked off to the clothes shaking his head, citing that I had just been "taken". PPfffttttt

I have since washed with them, dried with them, drained things on them,dusted,mopped, wiped, stretched, cut, thrown in washer, tested as a bath mat, and last night, cleaned the Gammil table and made it shine like the top of the Chrysler building! (I caught Walt Shamwowing the countertop too) All I gotta say is.. well... two things... I was so right,::::GOTTA LUB DAT:::: and SHAM WOW!!!! Go get some. $27.99 for the box. Money well spent. Now... I must tell you that I have since seen that my Vince has moved on to something new, and Im so not going for it. SLAP CHOP???? GEMME A BREAK HERE BUDDY!! Ya had me til that one:::wink:::


The Sarah Bear said...

I got me some sham wow's too - but haven't yet taken them from the box! I will though - soon - soon as I have A SECOND TO SPARE! I miss "free" time.

Lub you!

Judy Laquidara said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I can see how they'd be most useful if they do half of what he says they will do. I'll get some the next time I see them.

Carla said...

Dang! I walked right by that booth at my local home and garden show. Now I know better! I will stop by Costco, too. Thanks for the hint, Gina! xxoo C

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