Saturday, April 4, 2009

You Say Potato, I say ROCKO!

Walt is a prankster I tell you. Here's how it went down............

First breakfast that I have taken over the house, the kitchen, the Inn. I have everything ready. Pots, pans, whips, processor, foods, drinks, I'm so ready for that 6:00 am alarm clock, even though its not my CUPPA right? Right.
I came out to the kitchen, oven on, heat on, coffee on, lets go! With half cup in me I got to the potato bowl ready to have a peelathon for my potato pancakes. I peel one, sip 2, peel 1, sip 2, then I grab a potato and think... what the hell? Its cold, heavy, is it cooked?It looks like its been boiled, ready to peel.... is it rotten? Ok, its a russet, not a yukon... :::stare harder:::: OMFG its NOT a potato at all! WALTTTTTTT! What a naughty trick to play on a poor tired sleepy woman, on the first day of cooking for the guests.....Its a ROCK!

Its a ROCK!!! He is ignoring my hollering, probobly doing a dick dasterdly snicker in a corner somewhere!

Large child.

I'm thinkin 12 ish.




Anonymous said...

HA HA HA HA! That's too funny! Score one for Walt. Now me thinks its time for Gina to put her thinking cap on to even out the score...

Karen A.

Vicki W said...

That's too funny! It does look a lot like a potato.

Desert Threads said... ROCK!!

KK said...

OK, that cinches it - somehow I'm getting to Cambria while I'm in CA. We go to Moneterey on Friday. What's for lunch on Saturday, April 18??


Anonymous said...

:) It's love, potato prankin love!

Nancy H

Judy Laquidara said...

Too funny. It surely looks like a potato!

Gina said...

He is still snickering about this! ms Kendo, lunch is anytime you say open the dang kitchen:)
Sharon, u funny
I really wanted to blog that over on the B & B site, but thought I might scare off guests! lol I'm trying to think up a real LOO LOO for him!

Thearica said...

I laughed out loud when I read this! I can only imagine what else he has up his sleeve for you.. :)

It brought back a potato memory for me..When I was growing up my mom planted huge gardens. We were digging potatoes one day and I buried my foot in the soil leaving a little of the top in view..I had a hold of my foot down in the soil and hollered at my mom to come quick! i told her I had found the largest potato I had ever seen and couldnt get it out of the ground. She came running all excited that she may have grown a State Fair tater...without hesitating she bent down and grabbed my foot and up came her foot....I thought I was going to get a spanking until my granddaddy started laughing so hard he almost choked... LOL

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