Sunday, April 26, 2009

Heard Humming?

Well now theres a break through. I think. Walt told me today that he had heard me humming for the first time in a long time, and it was nice. Poor Walt. The first line of defense in this rough time for G. It made me feel so bad but at the same time hopeful that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel, however bright or dimly lit it is, or will be. I wonder what I was humming? I bet it was just food humming over biting into his yummy bisquits & gravy. ( Sunday Fare at The Pickford) I bet it really is quite odd not to hear me singing at the top of my lungs all of the time as he had been used to. Maybe he just loved to tell me how much my voice carried and to hush up a little? No matter... Humming is a good thing. I'll take it.
How goes your Sunday? Its a beautiful warm sunny day here in Cambria! I sure dont miss MORBID BAY. Not one little bit. It has been rather windy lately, but no depressing fog off the deck eh... I'll take it too. Our guests are off doing whatever guests do. I think one is Hearst Castle tour, the other wine tasting. I must return to the kitchen shortly to make more granola, banana bread and some brownies for tonight. I get such a tickle from the late night guests sneaking down here for a cookie raid. Men are just big kids arent they? Funny tale.... While Julie was here helping us to get moved in, I think it was day 3 for her... she complained to me. Hand on hip, foot to one side, head cocked. " So WHERE are the cookies that you put out for the guests each night?" ( we were guestless that week) I howled with laughter and told her she wasnt a guest, go in the kitchen and get your own! She went on to say that wasnt fun. She wanted to sneak down the stairs and raid the cookie jar in the lobby. Oh brother! No age limit on kids being kids is there?
Another hit seems to be the treasure chest idea of Walts. At the top of the stairs he wanted a trunk. ( we like trunks, old ones). A small trunk filled with surprises so that if the guests dared to open said trunk, they would find a little treasure to take home. I indulged this childish idea, and to my surprise the guests go nuts over this thing! I have seen them with lollipops, fake teeth, paddle balls, star shaped sun glasses and always chocolates! Just hysterical I tell you.
Jake will be happy to see our lemon drops in the lobby jar. Its a dispenser that shoots a lemon drop from a seagull, onto a seashell. I get a tickle watching the guests grab them before they hit the floor! LOL ( wait, maybe I'm a kid too). Ok so I have no idea why I am rambling on, I guess I better get to baking. Or humming... or both. Maybe ill go take some pics of above items for ya....


Vicki W said...

It sounds like you have found the perfect home!

Sharon Dixon said...

Gina, it's good to hear that you're humming again.....that's a start:) And it sounds like your B&B is a wonderful place for your guests. You are so well suited for it...I know your guests feel right at home.

Desert Threads said...

I am so glad that you are finally humming again!!
The snacks, lemon drops and trunk are awesome ideas!

Roberta said...

I never noticed the trunk - damn! ;)

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