Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mid State Fair Nets a 2nd & 3rd Place & Specialty Award!!

::::Happily stomping foot?::::::
I have yet to make it to the fair to see the first place ribbon, 2 days left to try. I am disappointed. While second place is better than all the rest, and red is all that... I still wanted (READ NEEDED) the blue. Maybe next year.

ADDED to include the Judges specialty award!!! I was elated!!
Made it to the exhibits on Saturday!

Linda, you're so cute here! Thanks for getting the shot for me!
And we took a third!!!!!Woohoo!!!!( it was the lime green Glide that I love!!)

And heres the Blue ribbon in my category, machine quilter unmarked.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Palm Springs & No Quilt Shops, No Nuffin:)

Because I became a bit ill. I am not certain if it was the heat, the stress, I have no idea but my blood pressure went off the charts and I had to return early before I ever saw my grand girl perform in her pageant :( . I am home now, feeling better, more meds in me, but sad not to see her walk the runway. I am waiting patiently for the results now. Karen and I returned late last night and we are both whipped. I have yet to answer my emails nor return phone calls. Upload photos or quilt! I will get to it.. promise:)
We have had a HOUSEFUL for awhile! Jake & Stephanie and the babies, and of course our daughters and their daughters! And my grandson! WHOA!!! All or nothing eh? Rains it pours? We are still all trying to make it work, and I cannot WAIT til school resumes! Everyone hopefully will then be on a good schedule and I can run a tight ship right? Of course right. Anyway, I will leave you with a few more pics of the happenings round here of late... you name it, we do it.. beach, yard, birds, shop... omgoodness what a ride!

PS: I have the most beautiful grands in the world!

Aunti Stephanie                                                                 Emily sporting her ringlets

Bad , bad bird.. whatcha gona do when they come for you?

Sweet Baby Jamie
Shawn, being Shawn:)
Intercept little brother on I-210 East

Monday, July 26, 2010

M & M's Grands R US

Kisses before bathtime
We have FIVE grands in house, organized chaos went out the door a few days ago, now its just utter chaos!!! I have a ton of pics, however there NO TIME to upload, and post!!

Shawn's flight!

Marvelous Monday's include:

Grands R Us!
My kids here loving me up!
ok... I cant think.. oh! I know!
Who's got Nonni's CROCS on?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Not A Minute To Spare?

"In matters of style, swim with the current;
in matters of principle, stand like a rock."

– Thomas Jefferson

Whats that mean anyway? Matters of style.... principle I get... pondering this one while I work today. style of living? Parenting? Communicating? Style.....

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Look At The Groovy Quote I Stumbled Upon Today!

"I, not events, have the power to make me
happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be."

– Groucho Marx
I didnt get to the fair yet. Its hard coordinating peoples. Not to mention people getting sick left and right. I feel hot. I dont like feeling hot. Nonni's dont get hot. I said so. And other pointy things. I cant get hot as I have a mad dash trip to Lil Jamies pageant in Palm Springs coming up. Do you peoples remember her first win for the State of Idaho? Well it won her a trip to the big leagues in the Desert. Here we go....I'm not sure how I feel about the whole "Jon Bonnet world" kinda thing yet, but I'm reserved for first hand experiance. Ya gotta do it once right? Twice if I like it? She is surely a beauty, but who wants to share??
So little time to blog.... wow... Im sorry? Runninnnnnnnn

Friday, July 23, 2010

Trying To Quilt

Funny arent I? Its true! A custom to boot! I am jumping between Teaching Avi doodle art feathers and switching threads from monopoly to black, rinse and repeat!
Karen is on job application number 3. She finally got a first time letter from the SLO position she really wants. In the meantime, 2 others in the pot. She is determined and strong. No worries. I think since I'm taking a blog break she is hauling bored babies to the beach! Who makes a 128 inch quilt anyway?...oh sorry... side tracked myself.
Anyway, we are in hopes to hit the Mid State Fair as Nonni has 11 entries and she's looking for a blue ribbon! (I dont even know if they are judged!) BUT I'M GOING TO SEE! Besides, its a good excuse to not cook dinner for the multitudes eh? Throw `em a corn dog I say! I corn dog, a roasted corn on the husk, a big lemonade, finished with a cotton candy and a little puking session or two... there ya go... I LUB YA! Thats what it says...LOL

Snaps of the day???

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What Day Is This?

I dont think its Wednesday? I apologise for blog neglect. You see... things `round here are a bit upside down:) In a good way, but upside down anyway. I think I need a bigger house! We currently have transplanters in home.. Karen and my two grands, Julie and grand girl. Since our return from the valley we are ALL trying to find a new normal. If there IS one to be found. It isnt easy, but we knew it wouldn't be. The pay off will be sweet:) Family here with us, and a better DQL for them!
When I made the drastic move, everyone without exception, thought we were a lil nuts. I understand. But we did it, we made it, and in my opinion paved the way for the rest of them. We spent several week ends in hotels in search of a new home. We actually spent a great deal of time to find the best price hotels one week end a month! We knew NOT A SOUL. When we did arrive, I unfortunatley had to stay alone to make that home while Walt finiashed out his school year and rented our house out. Its not easy picking up roots and moving your life away from friends and family. I remember the gut wrenching lonesomeness I felt. I spent many hours on the beach with Ginger asking myself WTH have you done Gina? ( Then again there were the times that I strolled and pinched myself asking Do I really LIVE here?) I specifically remember that 4 times, dead seriously contimplated moving back! When times got tough, or when I was so blue that even my eye color was changing, I thought going back was the only correct answer.
 I can recall going BACK often just for familiars. I needed a Podestos sammich, or shopping in the village. My beloved dentist was there....I had not tolerated any others throughout my life, and now I've left him. It (the need to return feelings) diminished with each trip, and the only thing I desire now is the company of my peoples. Especially in the last two horror years do I need them the most. I cannot even adequetly express the anticipated joy of them coming here close to me.It's probobly the only REAL reason I want to win the lottery so badly is to put them all here near me ( within an hour) so that A: they can all gather for Sunday dinner,
 B: So that I can share love in a differant way with those different to suit my every mood:) C: So that I can foolishly pretend that my entire pie is once again whole ( which we all know never will be, but Im so good at pretending eh?)
D: Most importantly is to have them have a better DQL.
I'm really no fool.. I know that we all have our schtick and life is not without drama no matter the whereabouts... but I need my peeps. period.
I/we decided to bloom where I planted myself, and I hope the kids do the same. I am certain they will flourish here.
We are all busy trying to live as one family with 7 different personalities, issues, and ages. FUN HUH???I hope to write u soon again...LYG

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ya Miss Me Right?

I'm off on a road trip again! Currently braving the heat in northern California ( like an idiot) at my Sissy's house. We had a great time at Sarah Bears Happy Birthday party, and it was wonderful to visit with everyone. Now I am onto CA Stae fair to see the quilt exhibits! In the meantime, I am trying to keep cool in the pool! Lets see... I got over heated, sunburned, and cankles! Dang it! So now I am nursing those cankles with heels above heart watching the Karebear do the dishes.. LOL ( SWEET).  We did manage to brave Costco in this heatwave of 105... wait let me say it again.. ONE HUNDRED FIVER!!! I called Walt to whine a bit and he informed that the heatwave was even at home on the coast, he had to open the windows and turn on the fans because he was enduring 85 degrees????? COME ON!!!! I think I have been acclimated to coastal weather and this is no longer tolerable Maybe I should limit the trips to spring and fall? And NEXT week I am supposed to go to Palm Springs with Jake? WHOA!
We wikk hopefully retun to our regularly scheduled programming by Wednesday. Until then I hope all is well in blogland, thanks for your emails and messages, they mean a lot to me:)
Lovin yer guts in the heatwave!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bejeweller In House, NOTHING Is Safe!

BOY                                                                        GIRL!

Its really too bad that the pic doesnt show the jewells:(   BUMMER.. but the are girlie ready now! Unisex my foot!! ( no pun intended)  Emily ( age 2) came out dressed like a boy for her first day of school this morning. I took one look and had her Mama march right back in for a cherry dress! After pulling her hair back with bows and foo fooing with her she was off, but nervous! These first pair of shoes on distracted me... I couldnt quilt until I embellished? Thats my story and I'm sticking to it:)
I say....... CELEBRATE being a girl!

Monday, July 12, 2010

What A Week! M & M's

Quite the emotional ride last was... I am hopefully back on task. Our daughters are going through some tomultous times and we seem to be going right along with them! That, coupled with PPB, I was a wreck! This morning I attacked the list while Walt attacked his tool shed.The yard now looks like a giant tool tag sale in the making, and I look like the mad scientist coastal woman. So.... I put HAIR SALON on my list. While I want to do a Brittiny Spears on myself, I will just go in and be tamed. I hit Walmart and I THOUGHT clear plastic storage tubs were cheap. NOT. I must store the office for awhile to make room for more kids:) But hey... 12 bucks a tub??? Gemme a break... I bought only 4. I bet thats about an hour of my time storing things.  I was thinking maybe 5 each? Whats the deal on that? I love the clear one as opposed to the brown bug calling boxes. I am STILL in search of ONE said box that holds my BEST kitchen utensils, knives, Gingers toy box, and one 6 foot grey bath rug! What the eck happened to it??? I carefully packed it FIRST last September! I miss my knives. Yesterday I re organized the entire storage shed in search of the box. No dice. Where else could it possibly be?? There are NO boxes left unopened! ( notice I didnt say unpacked.) I am a bit pissy about this. I bet Ginger misses her toy box! She is currently using a loaner bucket! I miss my knives. Things that cut. I have issues. They are the good ones.. not stainless stell. a Real chefs tools, for the home cook:) The microplane tools? for shredding, citrusing? peeling? I miss my good things that cut! Ok ok...
I need to move it, the list B long! Have a marvelous Monday! LYG

Marvelous Mondays include:

*the anticipation of family moving here...

* Tylenol PM!
*Nice neighbors who like to play rummy...woohoo Im plotting!
*HoneyBaked Ham Bones ( TY H)
*A lions Mane, I hope it stays til I die
*Bejeweller, what kinda fun is this!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sharing A Smile

Valley Pistachio Quilt

Is going home! Somebody go on in there and see her hanging, stop and pick me up a bag of pistachios too k?I wish the Swarvarski Crystals could be seen on her feathers and eye.. but, I'm not Moomp Photography....grunt.
I have a lovely King Giesha Girl embroidery this week... BLACK.. wth thread am I using????????????????I would love to try the monopoly but I dont think I would care for it. I MAY be gliding with black and a headache for a week!
I'm feeling stronger this morning, albeit, still heavily stressed. I will win, no fear. Thank you for your kind emails.
The coffee is good, the shop is warm, I'm on it!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bandaids VS Amazing

Disclaimer: grief work content

If words are indeed like weapons, I contend that they can also be healers.
Day one, moment unknown, a three year old voice sweeter than candy asked if her Aunti G needed a bandaid. If one can posess empathy at aged three, she had it. That question has been burnt into my mind and I have called upon it regularly in the life altering grief journey that I am on. Yes, in repair mode I call it. In this self repair job of mine I find that I often do need a bandaid or two. I find them in various places, and I seek them out. In friends and family, in my quilting, music, and in church. Alas, they are just that. Bandaids.

Bandaids:  Protects the cut, e.g. from friction, germs, damage, or dirt. Thus, the healing process of the body is less disturbed. Some bandaids can even speed healing and minimize scarring.

Really? Wow...
Until most recently I have been on a personal quest to speed the healing process with minimal scaring. Aint gonna happen. I do live in a world with a certain amount of sadness. It is becoming a way of life. But also I am learning to heal the parts that CAN be healed. I am finding new normals and seeking out smiles. I make plans to repair myself and hit the list with purpose. I wear my bandaid proudly and until last week had no replacement for the "term".
My lil three year old wise one is about to turn five. I wonder now if she isnt an angel sent to me. For me. Cause It's all about me. Last week while enjoying the beach fireworks I took great pleasure in watching not the display of lights in the sky, but the display of lights on our little girls. MY little girls. In little chairs, with little jackets and little hats. Little smiles and little hearts. And Miss Sarah Bear with one big word. It was thrown at me as if it were an arrow shooting across a campfire. The world stopped and I heard only her. I saw only her eyes. The noise, lights, people, were muted as she looked wide eyed directly into mine and exclaimed " Its  amazing!!!" I swear then, and now, I heard the voice of God through a tiny angel. It was time, as I had been diligently working remove the bandaid, and see what IS amazing.
My heart wears a scar, yep. Much larger than my knee replacement scar. My sadness resides within. It has joined "who" I am to become. I have issues, for sure...But, I will forever work to find AMAZING.
Maybe, just maybe, when I fall and look for a bandaid real quick, I will find amazing to work with it.
I thank God for my tiny angels. I wonder if Jamie is watching. I wonder if he has a tiny angel, or if he is one. I wonder a lot.
Amazing: To fill with wonder and surprise; to astonish, astound, surprise or perplex.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pressure Cooker Thoughts

True leadership is often defined in moments of extreme pressure.

I have no idea where I heard this... its not original, but it popped into my head this morning. While listing, shaking, and trying to get my behind in gear without a meltdown! IT HAPPENS.. GEEZ! I just never know when, where, or even why, I just KNOW that it does.

It stikes me odd that in one moment I am pointing.... KNOWING the way::Paul Revere::: and this feels normal to me. Next minute, I am a puddle on the desk trying to outsmart the Bejewlled game.
So be it. Fine. :::side note: remember that when a woman says fine, she is far from it::::

So far I have eaten a pot pie, chewed out the garbage people... downloaded a patten, played bejewelled, made 3 roamer lists, cried twice, searched DMV for personalized plates, found a new quilt tee shirt...combed the stockton record for sniper report, google earthed my BFF Heathers house,spoke for an hour to my cousin in Denver and planned a trip to Italy ( yeh right),  loaded a queen backing, tried to calm my daughter about relocating and threatened to go sit in the sun.
Not much accomplished by 1PM eh? I know!
 I'm worried too! What about? PICK A SUBJECT I TELL YOU!!!

My daughter, walts daughter, snipers in stockton, my vitamin D defiency, my shakes problem, my adnoids, the group quilts unfinished, the quilts not being picked up, the back yard mess, the stupid bird screeching, Walts summer PROJECT ( which there isnt one, or it wouldnt be an issue), is it just my own rules or does everyone need direction? Then theres the the storage issues, the finances, the grands, the trips, the flags on foot that need changing, the messes in the house... and I end up throwing up my arms and saying MOM SAID 90 percent of what I worry about never happens anyway... THEN... I miss Jamie and wonder Where the heck the boys at, and GO DOWN HARD. I slap myself and remind me that I MUST change my state, only to POP back in it in 15 minutes, and do it all over again! I need some good times ... good times to outweigh the bad. Pros, not cons, and I just had a whopping week end????
Oh Lord its so hard to be me.

True leadership is often defined in moments of extreme pressure.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Post People Blues M & M's

I think its a syndrome. I'm naming it. The multitudes went home, and I went down. Exhaustion or PPB? I got my touche` whipped at Progressive Rummy...and then of course she goes home so no rematch can ensue! I'll get u my prettyyyyyyyy
 Our best investment for the YEAR was the new swing set we bought. It said EASY Assembly, 3 hours. ( took 3 days).
We had fun on the beach from 6 am to midnight and I cant tell you how much I enjoyed watching the girls squeal in delight while watching the FOURTH OF JULY happen along the beach. I think I'll just hush now and show u a few pics. I want them to come back. I have PPB. I came back to put it writing how awesome a feeling that your "peoples" can give, without ever even knowing it. Moments..... they continue to take my breath away. I cherish them all. I really do. I wonder if this happens with age, or the loss of a child. I'm not sure, but I'll take it.  I cant wait for Jake, Steph and the grands to come give me a few more, much needed moments:) I need to be heard humming. Humming is good. I remember it. ( "I'm also certifiable)

Treasure Chest finds

M & M's Include:

* Above face, it makes me chuckle. sometimes.
* Safe Holiday in the war zone we call PIZZMMOOO
* The love of beautiful girls. my girls.. all ages..mine mine mine....
* The ham bone for beans and wishes
*NOT the stupid score card on the fridge OR The sunburned lips!
*A finished Pistachio quilt! ::phew:::
*The forward look of next trip!
*My Quilting group

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Birthday America!

This morning, my toes are making me smile! As I prepare for the multitudes to arrive, I find myself giggling over coffee while laptop-ing! Not at anything I'm reading, but at the site beyond the lap top... my patriotic toes! ( I'm easy eh?) The salon was so busy last night and I swear to Budha everyone was red white and bluing up their nails and toes. I resisted on my fingernails, but just couldnt pass up the flag flying toes! I'm certain they will be buried in sand soon, but no matter, they are giving me pleasure now. I also had the MOST fun gathering lil girl Americana garb:) ::U knew I would:::: Now I cant decide if I should start cooking, or blowing up air mattresses? Hmmm
I  am still battling a tummy ache from hell, but really trying to distract myself. I could use some pain pills I tell u, and I RARELY say that huh!
I wish you all fun and safe holiday week end, I shall return with wonderful pics of all my girls in red white n blue! And what about you? What plans do you have?

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