Friday, July 23, 2010

Trying To Quilt

Funny arent I? Its true! A custom to boot! I am jumping between Teaching Avi doodle art feathers and switching threads from monopoly to black, rinse and repeat!
Karen is on job application number 3. She finally got a first time letter from the SLO position she really wants. In the meantime, 2 others in the pot. She is determined and strong. No worries. I think since I'm taking a blog break she is hauling bored babies to the beach! Who makes a 128 inch quilt anyway?...oh sorry... side tracked myself.
Anyway, we are in hopes to hit the Mid State Fair as Nonni has 11 entries and she's looking for a blue ribbon! (I dont even know if they are judged!) BUT I'M GOING TO SEE! Besides, its a good excuse to not cook dinner for the multitudes eh? Throw `em a corn dog I say! I corn dog, a roasted corn on the husk, a big lemonade, finished with a cotton candy and a little puking session or two... there ya go... I LUB YA! Thats what it says...LOL

Snaps of the day???

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