Thursday, July 22, 2010

What Day Is This?

I dont think its Wednesday? I apologise for blog neglect. You see... things `round here are a bit upside down:) In a good way, but upside down anyway. I think I need a bigger house! We currently have transplanters in home.. Karen and my two grands, Julie and grand girl. Since our return from the valley we are ALL trying to find a new normal. If there IS one to be found. It isnt easy, but we knew it wouldn't be. The pay off will be sweet:) Family here with us, and a better DQL for them!
When I made the drastic move, everyone without exception, thought we were a lil nuts. I understand. But we did it, we made it, and in my opinion paved the way for the rest of them. We spent several week ends in hotels in search of a new home. We actually spent a great deal of time to find the best price hotels one week end a month! We knew NOT A SOUL. When we did arrive, I unfortunatley had to stay alone to make that home while Walt finiashed out his school year and rented our house out. Its not easy picking up roots and moving your life away from friends and family. I remember the gut wrenching lonesomeness I felt. I spent many hours on the beach with Ginger asking myself WTH have you done Gina? ( Then again there were the times that I strolled and pinched myself asking Do I really LIVE here?) I specifically remember that 4 times, dead seriously contimplated moving back! When times got tough, or when I was so blue that even my eye color was changing, I thought going back was the only correct answer.
 I can recall going BACK often just for familiars. I needed a Podestos sammich, or shopping in the village. My beloved dentist was there....I had not tolerated any others throughout my life, and now I've left him. It (the need to return feelings) diminished with each trip, and the only thing I desire now is the company of my peoples. Especially in the last two horror years do I need them the most. I cannot even adequetly express the anticipated joy of them coming here close to me.It's probobly the only REAL reason I want to win the lottery so badly is to put them all here near me ( within an hour) so that A: they can all gather for Sunday dinner,
 B: So that I can share love in a differant way with those different to suit my every mood:) C: So that I can foolishly pretend that my entire pie is once again whole ( which we all know never will be, but Im so good at pretending eh?)
D: Most importantly is to have them have a better DQL.
I'm really no fool.. I know that we all have our schtick and life is not without drama no matter the whereabouts... but I need my peeps. period.
I/we decided to bloom where I planted myself, and I hope the kids do the same. I am certain they will flourish here.
We are all busy trying to live as one family with 7 different personalities, issues, and ages. FUN HUH???I hope to write u soon again...LYG

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