Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Post People Blues M & M's

I think its a syndrome. I'm naming it. The multitudes went home, and I went down. Exhaustion or PPB? I got my touche` whipped at Progressive Rummy...and then of course she goes home so no rematch can ensue! I'll get u my prettyyyyyyyy
 Our best investment for the YEAR was the new swing set we bought. It said EASY Assembly, 3 hours. ( took 3 days).
We had fun on the beach from 6 am to midnight and I cant tell you how much I enjoyed watching the girls squeal in delight while watching the FOURTH OF JULY happen along the beach. I think I'll just hush now and show u a few pics. I want them to come back. I have PPB. I came back to put it writing how awesome a feeling that your "peoples" can give, without ever even knowing it. Moments..... they continue to take my breath away. I cherish them all. I really do. I wonder if this happens with age, or the loss of a child. I'm not sure, but I'll take it.  I cant wait for Jake, Steph and the grands to come give me a few more, much needed moments:) I need to be heard humming. Humming is good. I remember it. ( "I'm also certifiable)

Treasure Chest finds

M & M's Include:

* Above face, it makes me chuckle. sometimes.
* Safe Holiday in the war zone we call PIZZMMOOO
* The love of beautiful girls. my girls.. all ages..mine mine mine....
* The ham bone for beans and wishes
*NOT the stupid score card on the fridge OR The sunburned lips!
*A finished Pistachio quilt! ::phew:::
*The forward look of next trip!
*My Quilting group


The Sarah Bear said...

I miss you. Much.

Anonymous said...

u literally have a pic of everyone attending the festivities.......CEPT ME! WTH?


Anonymous said...

That looks like a fun time. Here it was in the 50s and windy for the 4th. Now a couple of days later we finally have summer and it was 84 here today. Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Karen, I have one or two of you, I have your mom post

Gina said...

What are u guys talkinig about? I see Karen?,, I only have one tho.. I will email u both copies:)

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