Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Birthday America!

This morning, my toes are making me smile! As I prepare for the multitudes to arrive, I find myself giggling over coffee while laptop-ing! Not at anything I'm reading, but at the site beyond the lap top... my patriotic toes! ( I'm easy eh?) The salon was so busy last night and I swear to Budha everyone was red white and bluing up their nails and toes. I resisted on my fingernails, but just couldnt pass up the flag flying toes! I'm certain they will be buried in sand soon, but no matter, they are giving me pleasure now. I also had the MOST fun gathering lil girl Americana garb:) ::U knew I would:::: Now I cant decide if I should start cooking, or blowing up air mattresses? Hmmm
I  am still battling a tummy ache from hell, but really trying to distract myself. I could use some pain pills I tell u, and I RARELY say that huh!
I wish you all fun and safe holiday week end, I shall return with wonderful pics of all my girls in red white n blue! And what about you? What plans do you have?


Whimsy said...

L.O.V.E the toes! Very cute and adventurous, I must say I would be scared to do it!

Anonymous said...

Love the toes! Feel better.
Donna (mommadonna, in MI)

Anonymous said...

Love the toes!!! I had a wonderful day with my family and a few close friends around the pool. Now I am listening to the cities firewroks is only one block from my house!!! There goes the finale!!! LOL...I hope you had a wonderful day!!!

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