Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby Quilts Are So Cute

Don't you think so too? It sure beats working on those 120 inch kings I tell you! This one is for someone near and dear to me. A day late (or 2). I am attaching the binding now, and its all so retro I feel like I am in another era.
Now The next KING awaits my attention. GRUNT. I hope I can actually work well today as yesterday was a serious bitch crying all over fabric isnt much fun at all.
I have doctor news for ya... the question of yesterday is now invalid. The doctor called with an apology for the MISTAKE? She didnt MEAN to order the MRI of my abdomen and legs!!! :::well thanks for calling and putting THAT one to rest! I was about to open an entire can of whoop ass (because I have that side of me)however the non bitch side always wins out. So.. She has scheduled the Biopsy for September 9th. I guess you all know what day THAT is right? THANKS AGAIN DOC.
 My sweet baby James would have been 30.
What kind of sign do you suppose this is?
In other news :::as I scarf down handfuls of almonds:::: I have got to get working because I would like to take a trip. OR TWO. News on that as it develops:)
Thanks again to all my well wishers and prayer warriors. I appreciate you, but dang I want my Mommy.

Monday, August 30, 2010

To My Breast Cancer Post Posters

QUESTION: I finally got up the nerve to schedule THE NEEDLE and much to my horror, found that my doctor also ordered MRI of abdomen and lowe extremities.. IS THIS ROUTINE? WTHHHHHH?????
Trying to remain calm, but COME ON!!! I called the doc... of course not available.. so IMMA CALLIN YOU!

Make It A Happy Monday Anyway! M & M's

Don't turn away from possible futures before you're certain you don't have anything to learn from them.
“we teach that which we most need to learn”

Richard Bach

Such BIG words huh?
Good Monday morning:) I had a de-stressing kind of week end with absolutley no work, no nuttin... just the LOST episodes. I am on season 3 and I was a vegetable. I think I liked it. (or I needed it eh?) Now, it being Monday I have great anxiety looking at the list. First up being to return my Doctors Friday evening freak out phone call. :::Say THAT 3 times fast:::::I'm sure its an appointment for the NEEDLE, I'll get back to ya on that. Thanks so much for all of your encouraging words. It helped too.
I missed THEE baby shower of the new Moomp Monkey, it was heavy on my mind all week end. It made me think about HOW much I miss. I think I will pack a bag and go see BFF's. I'll be having a bake sale to make ready for this k?...K....I REALLY NEED to get away before I spontaniously combust. Its been a very difficult spring/summer. If I had the 133 Mill mega million lottery ticket purchased and WON by some lucky bugger in Morro Bay Saturday night, I would begin the roadtrip to beat ALL roadtrips. I would buy a cute lil mini van, throw Rudy & Ginger in and head for the valley,  Portland, Idaho, and eventually hit Montreal. What therapy THAT drive would be! I think I like to drive.
Did u see the beautiful dresses on the red carpet for the Emmys? DIDYA HUH? WOW! I havent decided on my favorite yet... still pondering. I am leaning toward the GLEE star in black... will get back to ya on that.
I guess theres no putting it off.. I must get to work. The second cuppa has to be a walker... Make it a great day Dear Blog readers... I'm teaching what I need to learn:::WINK::::

M & M's
*LOST, commercial free
*Hope for the NEXT winning lottery ticket... I'm comin BFF's!!!
*Gingers intuition and love
*Wow, what a rough week I had... but as usual, my heart will go on. ( thanks Titanic and celine dione:)


Friday, August 27, 2010

How Many Breast Cancer Quilters Do You know?

Mornin`. Any of you peoples ever wake up and look at the air, saying "what else?"  I maybe shouldnt say it anymore... cause something keeps answering me!
So my pajama day was rudely interupted by the day runner read. I nearly missed my mamaogram!  My doctor felt a density and asked me to repeat... okay... no big deal....I did a quick PTA bath, slipped on some clothes, braless of course, ( whats the point?) And motored on down. Only to find that the radiologist doctor also saw a blurp on the digital screen. Enter phone convo with my doctor. I began to sweat and didnt use any deoderant. chit.They decided to do an ultrasound, just to be sure. Trying very hard not to appear to be nervous I stripped again and layed down for my jelly test. I starred at the screen and had de ja vu and found myself listening for a heartbeat and looking for a pee pee. I told the doctor I hadnt had this done in 26 years, be patient with me. This , of course brought  2 nervous chuckles.
Without a sound (or a pee pee) there it was. A pearl sized black pea on my right boobie. I think I scared the doctor when I loudly asked "WTH is that?" He explained calmly that he didnt know yet if it was a cancerous cell or just a big cyst. Now I need a biopsy. I asked what it entaled. A very long needle withdrawing  fluid, if ANY were in there at all. He told me to relax and await a call with an appointment for this procedure. I drove home contimplating the bottle of 2BUCK CHUCK hiding in my hatch. My mind raced to the years spent with my favorite customer Pat who eventually lost her battle with breast cancer. I wondered if I would act as well as she. Quilting her last years away, happy as a pig in poop. I bet I wouldnt. I considered my NEW client who has just gone thru her first chemo/rad treatment and appeared at my door with her turban on, and a smile. I wondered now WHY these women are even IN my life.... pre study for Moi`? Which lead me to another round of "what else?"
 I have figured out that I have 3 personalities now.
The ugly pissed off monster
The victim, a persecuted Jew by proxy, if u will....
The resilient bounce back, glass half full, Queen of everything.
Hey! I'm 50! I cant pick new personalities! I have made a new appointment.yep yep yep.. a new shrink. This time the gloves come off.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Underwear Days Are Made For Quilting!

It's me and the pets, ( and Tony Robbins Audio) all alone in the shop today. I'm staying in my jammies and quilting my fingers off. I am hoping for good therapy in doing so. I sure as heck need it. I have MUCH to do and I dislike cutting fabric. WHY? Because I'm just not so precise! I make mistakes constantly which makes my work take longer...and of course begins the snowball effect. I plan on switching back and forth with quilting to ease the stress. Not to worry though, I will enjoy this day. I may even venture over to the beach again for another sunset. Its an amazing calming effect for me. God knows I NEED that right?
Sometimes I think I need hospitalization much like Lindsey Lohan, just for brain resting. ( WTF did THAT come from?) I better get more coffee. You KNOW I also dislike depressing blogabouts:)
Truth is, even cutting fabric is better than high drama, stress, blood boiling lifestyle. So cutting fabic it is! In my jammies!! I may answer the door to the post man, Schwaan dude, or a neighbor, but I dont care! I''ll just smile and say its a Jammie quiltin` day!Oh! I will also mention that I have a room for rent ( or 2) if they know of any traveling nurse or Cal Poly student thats in search of. I know, I know... a gluten for punishment right?
Well? One winning lottery ticket would change the whole darn thing now wouldnt it? (thats a totally different blogabout)
Have a good day Dear Blogreaders..
PS: I'm so craving a good Filet Mignon... I must have low iron this week? If Mom were here I would wisk her away for Liver & Onions! ::::ducking:::::
Maybe I just need a present. I havent had one in awhile. Dont u love it? I think its the only surprise I can deal with. But not for more than a minute! I know, I know.. I'm all over the map here... but really it isnt even HALF of whats on the brain! My fingers just wont type that fast! Could be subconsciencely I am considering the October Birthday. Instead of thinking about the age.. I'll think about presents. Know what would be a great bd present? The BLOG in print!!! Chronologically, by the year.. What history has been made eh? Good and bad. I would like that. How about a plane ticket.... :::sigh::::
I think I want a BRA for my car too. I love my car. I know!  A pamper basket! Lord knows thats a need eh? OMG How did I get on this brain wave? Geez Gina Go to work!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Drooling Over A Go! ( giveaway)

Not me... but Jackie is.... Over at Canton, but dont go posting another comment cause I NEED THIS. Hey! 4 chances to win ( in a couple thousand) is better odds than the lottery right? THIS Go! Would save me so many hours of debilitating work...not to mention the unbridled fun I would be having:)
Send me good Kharma K?
PS: I try vigorously to win the mixer... maybe quilt items is better than cooking afterall?
PS again: I thought I would mention that our temps fell 30 degrees here, a nice 70 degrees and the marine layer came home:) Just sayin?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ninety Eight Degrees? Hooked On Lost

I made it through 91 yesterday, but its 5 AM right now, and 98 projected...They report that it was the hottest day of the year, SO FAR.
 I WISH I could trade a shop day for a beach day because I bet its cooler down there!! ( 1 mile, ppfftt) What the heck???? Do ya think I can just drive around in the car all day in air conditioning? Hmmmmm
I've not been feeling well lately, as you have undoubtedly noticed. Rest assured I am working on it, and I'll be fine. Someday. It is just AMAZING to me how things keep changing around me. February 12, 2008... still on the journey from hell. I must say now after these few years that I much prefer grounded, planted and down right bored to this. I thank God for quilting.Okay, and my support network. Sometimes I am not fit to be around, and yet they stand by me. Thank you.
Today I will be constructing a 130 inch back, and designing 5, count em 5 quilts from somebodys gramas stash. THAT should be fun huh? I might do the dishes too, but maybe not. I may just do another marathon of watching the first episode of LOST. ( while stitchin` of course) I am seriously hooked on this modern day Gilligans Island Soap. A day late u say? How about 5 years late?? LOL I really wonder what I was watching then... Any of you peoples watch this?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer Hit The Coast!

88 yesterday, 91 today. WOW! I had to turn on the air in my car! I whirled the fans in the house... I think the marine layer split and we discovered summertime.
Happy Monday everyone. With so much on my plate I cant really "mean" happy Monday, but I give it hell trying anyway. I have a new distracted, a brain resting place. Watching Season 1 of LOST. I am so hooked! Where was I when this show was airing anyway? ( but super great without commercials eh)
I have one disk left.. then I will need season 2... RUT RO. For today, I must work... have a great day Dear Blogreaders.

Marvelous Monday's include:

* Quilting distractions
* Warm evenings for patio pondering
* Good music in my shop
*my shop!
*That stupid bird
*Gin Gin's ear.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Real VS Surreal


 having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream; unreal; fantastic:
 genuine;authentic- not counterfeit, artificial, or imitation;
 My need to connect with others is real. Each breath I take is real. I would like to think that my persona is authentically real. Some things not even liked, but real none the less.
I cant remember what blog I stumbled onto and read a few things on reality, I was busy, speed reading, and listing... but it stuck with me through out the day.(and night)
I think REAL sucks sometimes...lol no really! I do. Sometimes I'd just like to be 5 again and see life as magical and PRETENDING is real!
Summers around here..... seem to be SURREAL! Or is that wishful thinking? Ok so they ARE real but I wish it was an hallucination. I wish I would STOP hallucinating way back to January of 08 when I was excitedly packing for Maui.
Real would be my son here to laugh with, and my Mom here to chat with. Its REAL that I need them both right now. Real is that I lost them both within 2 years of each other, and it is what it is. I just sometimes wish I was in the Matrix, and I came out!I should keep writing on my nickels cause I just cant speak some real things. CLIC

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Disturbance Of Artistic Harmony

Much like writers block? I have it. A few short days ago with alone time my feathers were flying! I guess with family crap they flew off. I have a quilt half quilted and not a bit of mojo to finish. So I'm eatting a cookie, and boiling a few eggs. ( Please dont ask me why, I need a shrink for that answer) Maybe its because I have a dentist appointment today to fix the chipped tooth from the night before last disturbing events. ( I look like Nanny Mcphee)? Maybe because my Med doctor found density in my boob and wants an Ultrasound next week. Maybe its the eyeglass prescription needing an increase, ( hurry September).. I think its just disturbance. Disturbed in Disturbia, California. New post...lol. I am on my second cuppa and a nice fat juicy pen by my side, list next to it. I shall attack the disturbances with a new LIST. Top of the list, FINISH my BFF's baby quilt! :::whats wrong with this woman:::::(sorry, slight head thought).
I find that I am happiest while creating, maybe she is too. Blessed creation... artistic harmony... Ahhhhhhh BRING IT. Good morning!

"Man's main task in life is to give birth to himself, to become what he potentially is."

– Erich Fromm

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

Do you? Do I? I am examining this today. Just ponder food for quilting. I have issues with evasiveness. Maybe its my curious nature. The need to know it all. I would like to think that I am diplomatically direct.( often times not a good idea at all)  That I mean what I say and say what I mean and expect the same in return. This for me is trust building. The evasiveness, trust erosive. Secrecy sucks big green mean wienies!
Trust. What a big word. I find it difficult at best to trust again. Truth is, I find it difficult to do or have anything again since Jamie left. I do seek repair, sometimes it just escapes me.
I still would rather have bad news, not so good news, right up front. No sugar coating, no Splenda substitutes, just say what ya need to say and get it out in the open for God's sake. I have little patience for brain games, nor do I wish to be blind sighted or ambushed at a later date. I have never enjoyed surprises, good or bad. It dishevels me so. Could be a matter of respect too. Who cares what I wish for? Respect. Or lack of. Hmmmm
Could be why people do not like politician's. Some people were born good politician's eh?
Ahhh Tina Turner  wailed it well..."What's love got to do with it"?
Truth is that it takes MORE than love.
 John Lennon, All you need is love". BULLSHIT.
Life takes MORE than love. He took too many drugs. Clouded his clarity.
Hey! Bet you didnt know that you'd be part of the morning ramblings today did ya? I sorry... I should phone a friend. Sometimes even venting to a friend isnt the right answer. Unsafe. Wheres safe? Who's safe?
The dog! Gingerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr::::whistling::::::

Monday, August 16, 2010

M & M's Bring Alone Time Woo Hoo!

Is it true? Will I REALLY be alone in the house with 3 pets and no peeps? Is it true? REALLY?
Julie and Emily in the valley...Karen and Avi leaving FOR the valley, Walt putting a full day of work in.... YES ITS ABOUT TO BE TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How much can I get done? Do I just have an underwear day? Shall I make a list and time myself? Cook? Drink? Leave? I DUNNO I"M ALL HOPPED UP!
Stay tuned...................

OK, and so it begins... I think I have 3 hours...TOPS... ( blog fast) do everything fast! The house is a WRECK!

M & M's include:

* I LUB my car
*Aviana's all day seminars and what matters most... (everything)
*The woman who called to ask me to make a quilt of her gramas sewing room fabric stash so she wouldnt sell it all in a yard sale. ( I would HATE that fate for my stash too)
* A well stocked freezer
*Nestles frozen strawberry lemonade!
*SCHOOL STARTS WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Daring Daughters Do The Deed In The Dark!

Yep, they hit the beach, high tide, dark of night. Body surfed. idiots.
Now this may not seem like a bfd to some, but for Karens lifelong fear of being shark snacks, it was a major milestone. Julie is a pro at it via Walts love of surfy sand, however Karen? No more than ankles since she was 4. I myself refuse to go in due to a jelly fish electrifying shock attack ( not shark attack)  memory when i was aged 16... I just dont think I belong in there at all. I just don't.

I just want to pile THESE up..ya know... for a desk top background pic...lol and watch the ocean live and let live. I just do.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sofa Kids

Good afternoon! The good news is I have a computer back with new drivers loaded! The bad news was that the damn thing went wonky on me a few days ago. I couldnt even put in a new audio CD! :::Women, Food, God::::
NOTE TO JUNE: I havent forgotten u dear.. I'll be mailing of some when I can, Walt cleaned out the office for daughter, and who the heck knows where all the audios went!!
Hey! Anyone read "The Girl Wit h The Dragon Tatoo" yet? First in the series... Let me know.. I have it in que, but not sue if I will like it.
OK, so... Computer back up and I'm still quilting away in here looking for blessings. My neck is killing me. I think it may be the tense down look while quilting. I dont know. I should be only one more day with this one, and then something ( hopefully) for me!I would like to make a few grand quilts as the girls are bugging me to. Also, I am NEAR a stating point on James` Tee shirt quilts. ( dont pass out). Hope you're having a fine hump day!
 Above shot of the day should read,

Monday, August 9, 2010

Marvelous Monday's Aren't For Sissy's!

No really! Too many, they just suck. Until the art of pretending has been mastered. Pretend its a day after a rain and the air has been renewed. A fresh start to organized chaos. A day in which you re-plan your week with self talk and passion.
Who am I kidding? It sometimes JUST sucks! Until I re-convince myself that it doesnt. I refuse to bore you people with any BS that goes on in mi vida loca. I chose to find only the good.
Good... find good. K...
What else? I finally have a road map for a memory quilt that spent an entire week on the design wall with me, the artist doing a stand and scratch stare.
I am on the budget from hell but found great pleasure in an avocado. Try to go a summer with no income, I dare u, try it.
I had to go out today and once again accidently had on my pink BO BO crocs, but I didnt have to leave the car any of the stops! ( a blessing I tell ya!)
Someone brought me Gobstoppers to sew with..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Karens job interview this morning went well.. she looked stunning too...keep praying
Marvelous Monday's AINT FOR SISSY"S

Love yer guts

Friday, August 6, 2010

Shout Out Thanks To A Generous Quilt Fabric Donor!

I received a delightful cache in the mail yesterday for our charity quilt group! Thank you so much Georgia! (I don't know if you want your name mentioned, so the State is here:)
I see tons of potential and the other girls will squeal like pigs too! I am so far behind on my lil jobs now I will be finger flying for a very long time. It's ok...thats usually how I roll:::wink:::
Today i am still pebbling a little Aztec wall hanging and I gotta tell ya, I love my micro drive handles!( ok, and my mag eyes). I have yet to attack the memory quilt on the design wall, it should be loaded this evening. I cant believe I got no takers on ideas from ANY of you! Hey! Speaking of.... WHY are you peoples so quiet anyway? Speak up!
I'm off to boil some eggs and get busy. TGIF

"Be a mirror, absorb everything around
you and still remain the same."
Leonardo Da Vinci

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Addition To Pappa's Garden!

Just LOOK what he found on the beach this morning! Its hot pink with black spots, and awesome! He DID have to take it away from a few seagulls, I can only imagine that little scene...lol Below are more sand dollars drying, and of course his rock garden. In this garden one will find MANY treasures. The port hole holds finds from all around, coins, jewels, precious stones, watches, dishes, its a feast for the eyes. I am certain even Pirates of the Carribean would envy it! I really would like to throw those pennies in the well, however its not my call. I guess. grunt.
The rocks come from all over as well. Hawaii, Montreal, and every place in between. Many from our RV outings in various parts of the country, and even straight from the earth in the homes we have owned. And not owned. You can even see the potato rock from the B & B? Remember?
 Honestly, we go NOWHERE without returning with a rock of some sorts. We started this rock find journey 13 years ago, and its become another tradition. ( said in my best Zero Mostel voice) Maybe this teacher should have been a geologist?  I think I should buy him a rock tumbler for his birthday. 
The grands marvel at this garden of his. Some even dare to fondle. :::read: Shawn:::  The girls are mesmerized, while Shawn is our curious boy. I personally think Avi has come and checked them out alone and up close..lol     As it is she inspects pappa's flowers each day and alerts him to the new growth on them. I suppose these girls, like Pappa, enjoy the earth and what she gives to us. Its a good part of their DQL.  One day me and the camera will make the rounds on flowers for ya. Have a great day!          

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Missed Quilt Group Again

3rd week. grunt. I have so much going on!!!! SEE!!! Im happy with the Geisha Girls, having fun with little Wall Hanging Aztec, and STUMPED by memory quilt slated next. Any cool ideas from my readers??? It has squirrey borders for a name entry, and only the center blocks have memory pics or artwork. Most of the yellow centers are empty. I am pondering a meatloaf dinner as I do the ruler work on lil Aztec. I have yet to tame the mane, and I feel like a lion. I so wanted to blog a minute first. Nearly all of my quilting is being done on a graveyard shift now, due to organized chaos in the waking hours. Its ok till about 2 AM, then things begin to go awry. ( Like when to switch back to the monopoly threads..lol) Aviana helps me by reminding of doodle boards and group appointments.. she is one smart cookie I'll tell you!:::dang it, now I want a cookie!
Anyway, I better get to it... Happy Hump day, make it a good one:)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Who Belongs To Whom? M & M's

THAT is the question asked. Here is the short run down on my immediate family.

My first born, Karen with her hubby Art

Their children Daniel, Aviana, Justin.. ( older pic, but I love it!)

My Son Jamie who is no longer with us:

My Youngest son Jacob, and his wife Stephanie:

Their 2 children Shawn and Jamie

Walt's daughter Julie:

And her daughter Emily:

But theres more!!! But I'm quilting right now...lol BBL

Marvelous Mondays include:
All of the above mentioned!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bad Quilter Names

Some DearBlog readers ask..................Why have you changed your name from Thimblina to Dear Gina???
Wellllllllll, ya see theres a lil place in a lil dutch town not far from here... they sport a needlework shop called THUMBELINA. Apparently they have been there since before Christ I hear, and they didn't like the young whippersnapper( 5 years! Sheesh!) THIMBLINA getting quilter calls in their needle shop! I personally pulled a Rodney King and asked why we couldn't all just get along???
So I said to myself - SELF? Why dont you just stop the madness ( of a couple phone calls) and rename yourself? Sure! Re invent yourself too! After all those moves, its doable right? So i got busy making the necessary changes. Never once did I think it would be this difficult! First off is, WHO AM I NOW? I asked around.. took polls... laughed at ideas... searched DMV for cool new license plates...in the end, my own name has won. Dear Gina. I think it was Ronda's first choice.. I should send her a winning gift or something huh? She said more times than I can remember.. PUT YOUR NAME ON IT!
I do apologise for the website not reflecting the changes as of yet. I hear ALL your emails.. I'm on it, however my wonderful BFF multitask-er is busy making a baby. Yeah, no kidding! She just took multi tasking to a whole new level!
Walt made the most beautiful silk fabric labels for the quilt backs.. omg you should see them! A bit squirrely to needle turn down, but stunning effects:) TY Walt!

Here is a fun list of names that didn't make the cut: Thanks to all my smart ass BFF's BTW
Add a Pinch
Runs with Scissors
Broken Threads
Frog Headquarters
Got Wine, Will Quilt
Whines Constantly
Quilt Between the Facebook Lines
Quilting While Bejewelling
Have Bejeweller, will embellish anything
I am sure there are more little post it notes around here with GREAT names on them... ya got the short list! Good good friends I tell ya!

August Opens With A Bang! Or a Bug?

First in July, Emily gets a cold. We suspect her first preschool visit.
Then, Julie gets the cold, add ear infections, and laryngitis.
While in Palm Springs, otherwise known as hell, I am treated for uncontrolled high blood pressure and heat exhaustion.
Last evening, Karen goes into ER with unbearable tummy pain and the outcome is 8 lovely kidney stones that will not pass.
Just when we are all thinking WHATS NEXT???

TODAY, August opens with a bang.... one year ago nearly to the day Walt was in the hospital for a month with Strep Virus. One year ago we put all on hold including our first Quilt retreat with Ronda Beyer and worried myself SICK with Walts illness. He is, as we type returning from the same hospital (ER) with a diagnosis of Pnuemonia. He returns to work in 18 days!!!!  I think I need a drink. Or 10. Increase BP meds? Something..... I am lysol-ing the flipping house! WTH??? Karens blaming it on the poor bird! I just want to quilt. It must be my therapy. I am SO out of routine its RUHTARDED.


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