Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Opens With A Bang! Or a Bug?

First in July, Emily gets a cold. We suspect her first preschool visit.
Then, Julie gets the cold, add ear infections, and laryngitis.
While in Palm Springs, otherwise known as hell, I am treated for uncontrolled high blood pressure and heat exhaustion.
Last evening, Karen goes into ER with unbearable tummy pain and the outcome is 8 lovely kidney stones that will not pass.
Just when we are all thinking WHATS NEXT???

TODAY, August opens with a bang.... one year ago nearly to the day Walt was in the hospital for a month with Strep Virus. One year ago we put all on hold including our first Quilt retreat with Ronda Beyer and worried myself SICK with Walts illness. He is, as we type returning from the same hospital (ER) with a diagnosis of Pnuemonia. He returns to work in 18 days!!!!  I think I need a drink. Or 10. Increase BP meds? Something..... I am lysol-ing the flipping house! WTH??? Karens blaming it on the poor bird! I just want to quilt. It must be my therapy. I am SO out of routine its RUHTARDED.



Stephanie in Michigan said...

Sorry to hear that. Hope everything comes out okay. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

How in the heck can Karen blame Rudy for her kidney stones? Ear infection?
Rudy's life is also changing with all the family moving in. You can blame his naughtiness on Karen!
Hope everyone is better soon and you are able to get in a few therapy sessions in the next day or two.
Can you write a post on your children and who their children are?
Yippee on your 2nd place ribbon. I am in awe that you had an entry in the fair. Your quilt is fab.
Take care of yourself and Walt.

Gina said...

Karen only blames Rudy for airborne illness .. its the nurse rachett coming out in I will try to list kids & grands for ya:)

Thanks for the well wishes you two:)

Anonymous said...

@anonymous....blame me for the birds "naughtiness"...baaaaahaaaaa. Thats a good one. Maybe my Moms statements were a little unclear, and there is obviously a need for me to add some clarity to the topic.....I AM A NURSE...and I simply said that given the MASS viral spread of infection around the small living quarters, having an African Grey Parrot(who is very messy)in the house, definitely adds insult to injury. Never did I blame Rudy for placing kidney stones in my ureters, or inserting pneumonia into Walts lungs. Now the ear infections in Emilys ears?Well..just maybe Rudy had a little to do with that one...LMBO! WOW....some people just never cease to amaze me! Gotta love ur blog mom!

Gina said...

They dont call her NURSE RACHETT for nothing do they????

Karen?? The damn bird didnt hurt anyone... I hereby put you in charge of Rudy clean up:)

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