Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer Hit The Coast!

88 yesterday, 91 today. WOW! I had to turn on the air in my car! I whirled the fans in the house... I think the marine layer split and we discovered summertime.
Happy Monday everyone. With so much on my plate I cant really "mean" happy Monday, but I give it hell trying anyway. I have a new distracted, a brain resting place. Watching Season 1 of LOST. I am so hooked! Where was I when this show was airing anyway? ( but super great without commercials eh)
I have one disk left.. then I will need season 2... RUT RO. For today, I must work... have a great day Dear Blogreaders.

Marvelous Monday's include:

* Quilting distractions
* Warm evenings for patio pondering
* Good music in my shop
*my shop!
*That stupid bird
*Gin Gin's ear.

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