Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Addition To Pappa's Garden!

Just LOOK what he found on the beach this morning! Its hot pink with black spots, and awesome! He DID have to take it away from a few seagulls, I can only imagine that little Below are more sand dollars drying, and of course his rock garden. In this garden one will find MANY treasures. The port hole holds finds from all around, coins, jewels, precious stones, watches, dishes, its a feast for the eyes. I am certain even Pirates of the Carribean would envy it! I really would like to throw those pennies in the well, however its not my call. I guess. grunt.
The rocks come from all over as well. Hawaii, Montreal, and every place in between. Many from our RV outings in various parts of the country, and even straight from the earth in the homes we have owned. And not owned. You can even see the potato rock from the B & B? Remember?
 Honestly, we go NOWHERE without returning with a rock of some sorts. We started this rock find journey 13 years ago, and its become another tradition. ( said in my best Zero Mostel voice) Maybe this teacher should have been a geologist?  I think I should buy him a rock tumbler for his birthday. 
The grands marvel at this garden of his. Some even dare to fondle. :::read: Shawn:::  The girls are mesmerized, while Shawn is our curious boy. I personally think Avi has come and checked them out alone and up     As it is she inspects pappa's flowers each day and alerts him to the new growth on them. I suppose these girls, like Pappa, enjoy the earth and what she gives to us. Its a good part of their DQL.  One day me and the camera will make the rounds on flowers for ya. Have a great day!          


Yvonne said...

Very cool~

Gretchen said...

Love it! I bring home rocks too. When we were in Sedona I actually shipped a box of rocks home, lol.

Thomas (& Laura) Hodge said...

That's Great!!! I've always loved rock collections, and some of my best mementoes are rocks, shells, a piece of bark from Galena Summit in Idaho in about 1974.
We have a ferrous garden, in which rests a plastic skeleton which has decayed nicely. Add to it a motorcycle luggage trunk, car coil springs, a razr skateboard thingie abandoned by renters, OH - and the beginning of it was bonehenge - created by our border collie Jack after he saw a picture of Stonehenge. Smart dogs, I tell ya.
(I do have to remind people it is an ART garden, not a JUNK garden. Hm.)

Julianne's Machine Quilting said...

I love the rock garden. Wonderful.

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