Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Drooling Over A Go! ( giveaway)

Not me... but Jackie is.... Over at Canton, but dont go posting another comment cause I NEED THIS. Hey! 4 chances to win ( in a couple thousand) is better odds than the lottery right? THIS Go! Would save me so many hours of debilitating work...not to mention the unbridled fun I would be having:)
Send me good Kharma K?
PS: I try vigorously to win the mixer... maybe quilt items is better than cooking afterall?
PS again: I thought I would mention that our temps fell 30 degrees here, a nice 70 degrees and the marine layer came home:) Just sayin?


marilyn said...

Sorry Gina , but I'm going to win that go-cutter,
besides I'm older and can't cut that fabric as well
as you young chickens.

Gina said...

LOLOL I will give it up gladly for such a flattering compliment!
:::Jumping thru the house:::: I'm Young! I'm young! Marilyn Said sooooooooooooooooo

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