Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bad Quilter Names

Some DearBlog readers ask..................Why have you changed your name from Thimblina to Dear Gina???
Wellllllllll, ya see theres a lil place in a lil dutch town not far from here... they sport a needlework shop called THUMBELINA. Apparently they have been there since before Christ I hear, and they didn't like the young whippersnapper( 5 years! Sheesh!) THIMBLINA getting quilter calls in their needle shop! I personally pulled a Rodney King and asked why we couldn't all just get along???
So I said to myself - SELF? Why dont you just stop the madness ( of a couple phone calls) and rename yourself? Sure! Re invent yourself too! After all those moves, its doable right? So i got busy making the necessary changes. Never once did I think it would be this difficult! First off is, WHO AM I NOW? I asked around.. took polls... laughed at ideas... searched DMV for cool new license the end, my own name has won. Dear Gina. I think it was Ronda's first choice.. I should send her a winning gift or something huh? She said more times than I can remember.. PUT YOUR NAME ON IT!
I do apologise for the website not reflecting the changes as of yet. I hear ALL your emails.. I'm on it, however my wonderful BFF multitask-er is busy making a baby. Yeah, no kidding! She just took multi tasking to a whole new level!
Walt made the most beautiful silk fabric labels for the quilt backs.. omg you should see them! A bit squirrely to needle turn down, but stunning effects:) TY Walt!

Here is a fun list of names that didn't make the cut: Thanks to all my smart ass BFF's BTW
Add a Pinch
Runs with Scissors
Broken Threads
Frog Headquarters
Got Wine, Will Quilt
Whines Constantly
Quilt Between the Facebook Lines
Quilting While Bejewelling
Have Bejeweller, will embellish anything
I am sure there are more little post it notes around here with GREAT names on them... ya got the short list! Good good friends I tell ya!

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