Thursday, August 26, 2010

Underwear Days Are Made For Quilting!

It's me and the pets, ( and Tony Robbins Audio) all alone in the shop today. I'm staying in my jammies and quilting my fingers off. I am hoping for good therapy in doing so. I sure as heck need it. I have MUCH to do and I dislike cutting fabric. WHY? Because I'm just not so precise! I make mistakes constantly which makes my work take longer...and of course begins the snowball effect. I plan on switching back and forth with quilting to ease the stress. Not to worry though, I will enjoy this day. I may even venture over to the beach again for another sunset. Its an amazing calming effect for me. God knows I NEED that right?
Sometimes I think I need hospitalization much like Lindsey Lohan, just for brain resting. ( WTF did THAT come from?) I better get more coffee. You KNOW I also dislike depressing blogabouts:)
Truth is, even cutting fabric is better than high drama, stress, blood boiling lifestyle. So cutting fabic it is! In my jammies!! I may answer the door to the post man, Schwaan dude, or a neighbor, but I dont care! I''ll just smile and say its a Jammie quiltin` day!Oh! I will also mention that I have a room for rent ( or 2) if they know of any traveling nurse or Cal Poly student thats in search of. I know, I know... a gluten for punishment right?
Well? One winning lottery ticket would change the whole darn thing now wouldnt it? (thats a totally different blogabout)
Have a good day Dear Blogreaders..
PS: I'm so craving a good Filet Mignon... I must have low iron this week? If Mom were here I would wisk her away for Liver & Onions! ::::ducking:::::
Maybe I just need a present. I havent had one in awhile. Dont u love it? I think its the only surprise I can deal with. But not for more than a minute! I know, I know.. I'm all over the map here... but really it isnt even HALF of whats on the brain! My fingers just wont type that fast! Could be subconsciencely I am considering the October Birthday. Instead of thinking about the age.. I'll think about presents. Know what would be a great bd present? The BLOG in print!!! Chronologically, by the year.. What history has been made eh? Good and bad. I would like that. How about a plane ticket.... :::sigh::::
I think I want a BRA for my car too. I love my car. I know!  A pamper basket! Lord knows thats a need eh? OMG How did I get on this brain wave? Geez Gina Go to work!


Gretchen said...

I love jammie days, they just don't come often enough. Hope you get lots done.

Gina said...

If I can EVER get off this Box I just might huh? Glad u stopped by Gretchen! :::Waving:::

Anonymous said...

Oooh!! I love a good filet I like liver and onions too!! When are we going and where??
June :)

Gina said...

I'm ready June, lets go:)

Mama Pea said...

I have always thought Martha Stewart had it right...a nice prison sentence where you can just sit around, decompress, and relax for a few months. I am reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and the journalist in there goes to prison for a couple months. They let him bring his computer and he got a lot of writing done on a book. So, I'm thinking a minimum security sentence would be okay right now. :-)

Gina said...

Oh Mama Pea ya nailed it!
<---looking for a crime to commit

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