Friday, August 6, 2010

Shout Out Thanks To A Generous Quilt Fabric Donor!

I received a delightful cache in the mail yesterday for our charity quilt group! Thank you so much Georgia! (I don't know if you want your name mentioned, so the State is here:)
I see tons of potential and the other girls will squeal like pigs too! I am so far behind on my lil jobs now I will be finger flying for a very long time. It's ok...thats usually how I roll:::wink:::
Today i am still pebbling a little Aztec wall hanging and I gotta tell ya, I love my micro drive handles!( ok, and my mag eyes). I have yet to attack the memory quilt on the design wall, it should be loaded this evening. I cant believe I got no takers on ideas from ANY of you! Hey! Speaking of.... WHY are you peoples so quiet anyway? Speak up!
I'm off to boil some eggs and get busy. TGIF

"Be a mirror, absorb everything around
you and still remain the same."
Leonardo Da Vinci


The Sarah Bear said...

WOMAN - you sound busy! Ummm. what would you say if I asked if you had time for a small lap quilt? My mother in law would love me and I would love you :) Wait, I already love you, but even more?! :)

Sharyn said...

Glad you got the package. Took me a while to get going and get it out. Hope your ladies get lots of great quilts from the material. Enjoy.


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