Monday, August 30, 2010

Make It A Happy Monday Anyway! M & M's

Don't turn away from possible futures before you're certain you don't have anything to learn from them.
“we teach that which we most need to learn”

Richard Bach

Such BIG words huh?
Good Monday morning:) I had a de-stressing kind of week end with absolutley no work, no nuttin... just the LOST episodes. I am on season 3 and I was a vegetable. I think I liked it. (or I needed it eh?) Now, it being Monday I have great anxiety looking at the list. First up being to return my Doctors Friday evening freak out phone call. :::Say THAT 3 times fast:::::I'm sure its an appointment for the NEEDLE, I'll get back to ya on that. Thanks so much for all of your encouraging words. It helped too.
I missed THEE baby shower of the new Moomp Monkey, it was heavy on my mind all week end. It made me think about HOW much I miss. I think I will pack a bag and go see BFF's. I'll be having a bake sale to make ready for this k?...K....I REALLY NEED to get away before I spontaniously combust. Its been a very difficult spring/summer. If I had the 133 Mill mega million lottery ticket purchased and WON by some lucky bugger in Morro Bay Saturday night, I would begin the roadtrip to beat ALL roadtrips. I would buy a cute lil mini van, throw Rudy & Ginger in and head for the valley,  Portland, Idaho, and eventually hit Montreal. What therapy THAT drive would be! I think I like to drive.
Did u see the beautiful dresses on the red carpet for the Emmys? DIDYA HUH? WOW! I havent decided on my favorite yet... still pondering. I am leaning toward the GLEE star in black... will get back to ya on that.
I guess theres no putting it off.. I must get to work. The second cuppa has to be a walker... Make it a great day Dear Blog readers... I'm teaching what I need to learn:::WINK::::

M & M's
*LOST, commercial free
*Hope for the NEXT winning lottery ticket... I'm comin BFF's!!!
*Gingers intuition and love
*Wow, what a rough week I had... but as usual, my heart will go on. ( thanks Titanic and celine dione:)


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