Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby Quilts Are So Cute

Don't you think so too? It sure beats working on those 120 inch kings I tell you! This one is for someone near and dear to me. A day late (or 2). I am attaching the binding now, and its all so retro I feel like I am in another era.
Now The next KING awaits my attention. GRUNT. I hope I can actually work well today as yesterday was a serious bitch crying all over fabric isnt much fun at all.
I have doctor news for ya... the question of yesterday is now invalid. The doctor called with an apology for the MISTAKE? She didnt MEAN to order the MRI of my abdomen and legs!!! :::well thanks for calling and putting THAT one to rest! I was about to open an entire can of whoop ass (because I have that side of me)however the non bitch side always wins out. So.. She has scheduled the Biopsy for September 9th. I guess you all know what day THAT is right? THANKS AGAIN DOC.
 My sweet baby James would have been 30.
What kind of sign do you suppose this is?
In other news :::as I scarf down handfuls of almonds:::: I have got to get working because I would like to take a trip. OR TWO. News on that as it develops:)
Thanks again to all my well wishers and prayer warriors. I appreciate you, but dang I want my Mommy.


Mama Pea said...

There's nothing like your mommy in times like these. Glad that got sorted out. It's a sign that all will be okay. :-)

Your quilt is really cute. Thanks for sharing it with everyone! Have a wonderful day!

(Hey, have you tried the almonds that are covered in cocoa powder? They are soooo good!)

Thearica said...

that baby quilt is so cute!!

Why dont you come to NC! My front porch is a healing place.

Gina said...

Oh man thats tempting Thearica:)

Mama Pea, Im gonna look for those almonds for sure!

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