Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Better Days May Be Coming

I have honestly spent too much time blogging 4 blogabouts and backspacing them all.I even blogged my BFF and told her I couldnt blog!  What ya make of that? I began with the new quilt... then changed to the new grama stash I need to cut up.. that didnt work so I began chat about my Jerry springer family drama. CLIC on that one.... I decided that the only thing heavy on my mind is me. I am a pissed off person now. It doesnt matter how hard I try, I am. Its all inside I think. It feels like an evil to express it all. So I avoid it.
I went to see the new shrink yesterday. I didnt have any high hopes at all since my last 2 attempts failed miserably with one prozac happy doctor and the other wanting me to do breathing excercises with her. But I KNOW that I need help that I do not posess at this time. Lets call it waning strength for now.
As I entered her private eye kind of office, ( picture Colombo) I thought "oh wow, what have I done?" She greeted me with a hearty handshake, direct eye contact and asked WHY I was there. I promptly told her that I need help. With only one hour of a history lesson she summed it all up with "I think we can work well together.  I believe in direct action, do you want to come back?"
Alllrighty then I thought. I agreed to begin the journey with miss toughy pantz. She gave me homework! Homework? (hey its not touching my toes and breathing heavily so Ill try it). I am already on the third of my assignments and its getting tougher. Mostly because my homelife is not great. ( what an understatement). I dont know how much I can share here, or will... but I will try. I always say that which is no longer inside of me, can no longer hurt me. So we shall see. Funnily enough, we will meet again after the BIOPSY sept 9.... I have a very full schedule that day. Not on purpose, but it happened that way.
Now.... thanks for the nooner... I better get busy:)


marilyn said...

That's good news about Miss Toughy Pants, hoping
that she will be the person to help you heal. LOL
about the Jerry Springer comment,seems we all
have parts of our life that are that way. Believe
me I know I do. Have a Good Day whatever you
decide to do, Good Days are ahead for You.

Trish said...

You go girl! Third times a charm I hear. Love the Jerry Springer reference. Don't we all? Hang in there! Sending good thoughts your way!!

Mama Pea said...

Sometimes we all need a Ms. or Mr. Toughy Pantz in our lives. I believe in direct action, too. I think you are on the right path! Good luck. Things will get better!

Gina said...

It cant hurt right? LOL
LUB u guys

Gretchen said...

G, so glad you are taking this journey. I hope you can find peace.

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