Friday, September 3, 2010

The Absense Of Worry

How might one acheive this? Do you peoples know? I personally don't think its possible.I contend that even with every windfall of money or emotional riches, come a new and improved set of issues to worry about. And vice Versa.
Ma always said that worry is a sin. To worry is to not trust in your Father. Hmmmm
I find that worry is good on a small scale. To worry/ponder a bit, and go on to believe. However, when worry begins to fill up, spill over and flood down the street the above does not apply. Not for me anyway. I find that when THAT point hits I become frozen and can no longer function well. That could be why I am hooked on EVERY season of LOST these days. Too much of my own drama caused me to want to care about someone elses instead. I dont have my head buried in the sand mind you, I have many"what if" solutions spinning around. Its just a nice resting spot to watch LOST issues instead. I cried last evening when Charlie died. Know what? It felt good to cry over something so insignificant to my own life. Yep, Afterall, I have cornered the market on tears in the last 2 years right? Well, I do share that corner with my BFF Ronda.  But poor Charlie!!!!!He reminded me so much of Jamie... sweet, funny, caring, and goofy. I was attached to  I don't know how many of you peoples have even watched LOST so I maybe shouldn't even discuss it. Anyway, after the tears stopped, season 3 ended, I went to bed and the worry resumed. MY OWN WORRY. Then Mom's words made me guilty. GRUNT. This worry crap is way to consuming.. no wonder I feel sick and tired!! Makes me mad. ( like that's hard to do eh?)
I don't have to worry about Karen's job hunt any longer. My prayers of course went unanswered again as she has been scooped up by a huge health care company in the Bay area. Not here. GRUNT.  My non worry there was quickly diverted to WHAT ABOUT AVI??? Maybe I have NO ABSENSE of worry. No wonder I cannot function properly.
Pictured above are my worry stones. I do not know of their origin, history, meaning....I just like rocks? I keep them on a silver tray in the hallway. I used to keep them in a vase on my nightstand, but it seemed to cause brain racing. Now I just pick ONE and ponder. (sometimes). I suppose I am no different than others with silly quirks like my prayer parrot post its. Ain't easy being me member? OR: Everyones got their own schtick?
I had a nice lunch out yesterday with a member of my stitching group. I think Mom sent her. She said things during our 2 hour visit that only Mom would know. Maybe when I cry for Mom, Mom sent Gloria. Gloria wants to adopt me. I'm a little confuddled...
Oh Lord the minds a terrible thing to waste... I'm gonna go boil some eggs and stick in a Tony Robbins audio... I'll do the one on relationships and see if I can relate!
Don't worry about me, Mom doesn't like it.
Did you know that whatever we FOCUS on we move toward? ahuh, pay attention, it happens!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Worry.... hummmm we've all got some kind of worry. I'd love to have a friend that I could share some of my worry with right now. Mine has escalated of late and my BP is showing it :-(

marilyn said...

Thank God for Mom's, mine has been gone
for 24 years and she was the strongest
influence in my life. Love those rocks ! Do
you happen to remember where you got
them? When I read you this post the tune
of "Don't worry be happy" came into my head
and I'm sure I'll have a hard time getting rid
of it. LOL

Gina said...

I can relate to high BP of late! Swing by, we will have a cuppa and compare notes:)

Marilyn, I cant remember all the places Ive picked up the rocks. Quaint shops all over. Rudy whistles that tune sometimes, and I wish more often!

Mama Pea said...

My schtick---a couple glasses of wine and a sappy movie!

Nancy H, said...

I come from a long line of worriers. I think it gives us something to do when there is nothing that can be done. My cuticles suffer the most.

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