Saturday, September 25, 2010

Working On Saturday, While I Can!

 I'm less interested in WHY we're here and totally devoted to WHILE we're here...

Isn't this great ponder food? I cant take credit for it, mind you. My cousin said it! LOL I nearly fell off the chair when I read it! I have been pondering an entire 24 hours now.  All those Whats it all about Alfie, is such a croc O crap eh? WHO CARES what its all about anymore. Maybe the older I get the more I care about the WHILE I'm STILL here!
While I'm still here, I want to be devoted too. To the WHILE of it all.
I am listening to Frankie Valle and sippin a cuppa. Did you people see Jersey Boys? Fantastic show! I love their music. The sun aint gonna shine anymore... ::SIGH::
While I'm here I'd like to enter and take home a blue at a major quilt show with MY OWN quilt.
While I'm here I'd like a turkey neck job. OK, throw in boobs too.
While I'm here I'd like to make each day count. I mean really count. Too many have passed without a light.
I could go on and on.. HEY! This must be a bucket list eh?
So the owner of the king came by. Squealed like a pig, then cried.. then I cried... then we shared some skin,  hugging a lot. It makes it all worth it. Now I need to bring it on home and finish the beast! As soon as I wake up.


Anonymous said...

Turkey Necks, boob jobs, waistlines and reflection of one’s self has a tremendous ability to emerge out of the ashes of ruins.

The rebuilding of the temple (using biblical terms of the human body) and soul (using Darwin theory of the evolving brain) rebuilds when destroyed.

To what level and success the newly rebuilt person’s body/mind all depends upon the lessons learned from the previous rebuild and destruction.

Now, I do not know if this is survival of the fittest or faith in something greater that guides our path.

My ignorance eludes a firm determination that Fate is the ultimate authority or coincidence truly provides the conclusion to life.

Perhaps Forest Gump has is correctly identified: Destiny is a culmination of coincidence and fate put together

An undeniable fact, rebuilding will materialize regardless of the position held in the beliefs and philosophy of anyone!

Signed unknown…

Gina said...

Well Thanks Unknown! Loved the ponder food!

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