Sunday, September 12, 2010

Love Of Self

I have noticed that there are those who believe that they alone have to power to love our loved ones through something,albeit anything, yet they seem bound by kryptonite to use the same power for love of themselves. It could just be a silly self perception. It could be that some KNOW where our kryptonite lives.
Would it then be a blessing, this gift? Or a curse?
I once went on a self love journey, which I now understand was destructive on all fronts, myself included.This alone may be a good reason for said kryptonite.:::insert aha moment::: Geez I love to think on paper, or keyboard....whatever...
My new shrink I told you peoples about is quite the direct one. She doesn't see kryptonite in me. She sees Life's journey. Bless her lil pee pickin` heart eh? I wonder if she saw my chain hanging from my rear view mirror that states Life's a journey? I think I'll throw it out next trip. It takes a lot to love, or un-love ones self. A lot of life's journey. I wonder who I'll turn out to be. I hope that I love me more than I don't. I hope that I love myself more than I am pissed off. Bitterness isn't pretty, and I'm finding it difficult to relieve myself of it. I wish I had more of one or the other as opposed to locking up my insides and seething.
 An intellectual, I am not. Analytical maybe, Ms Toughy pantz junior with kryptonite, for sure. Hey I think I should put that Nickel quilt together that I wrote on and purge it. Maybe I should have been a shrink? Heather? What u think? LOL
 I better get to work and ANALYZE THIS.

***special TY to Nina for the perfect Pic***

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