Monday, September 27, 2010

M & M's For Today

"To keep your character intact you cannot stoop to filthy acts. It makes it easier to stoop the next time."

 Katharine Hepburn
LOL Ya gotta love KH right? I especially liked the ponder food left behind in Saturdays comments by UNKNOWN too! Great cuppa reads.
Good morning:) Happy Monday to you peoples... I burned the oil til 2 this morning, and I feel like a dish ragg.. rag mop... really OLD! My deadline is Thursday, we wont be chatting I need to find some shorts to brave the day. ITS HOTTER THAN EVER HERE!!! Did you here it hit 102 in LA? 20 year record breaker?  upper 90's on the coast?????My sis in Auburn says it went over a hundred there too, so California is enduring yet another Indian summer. Its supposed to be back down to 68 by Thursday. All bets go on Thursday Woohoo!  I guess its ok as I dont have fall clothes anyway. ::sigh::: I need new chit. CLIC
I better get to it.. the quilt is looking marvelous!!
Marvelous Mondays Include:
My moms sewing machine stool to rest on in between backfilling. I really need my Mom.
Good support systems
All my favorite coffee mugs:)
laptopping in bed when I suffer from insomnia
my shop
beach runs when I am overheated
Gingers protection

OMGoodness you wouldnt believe the HOT breeze at 9 AM!!


Mama Pea said...

Wow. And here in Michigan it was 46 degrees this morning and high of 66 today. Can I come for a visit? I already miss my flip flops.

Gina said...

Mama, I love 70! 70! 70!
Come on over, I got iced tea:)

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