Friday, September 24, 2010

The Courage To Change:::again:::

Courage is the human virtue that counts most,

courage to act on limited knowledge and insufficient evidence.
That's all any of us have."
Robert Frost

Thats positive, Right?" Of course, right. But what do I know anyway.........Some may call it a free spirit, some a lost soul in search of a loss. Others:::that would be me::: call it in search of a new normal, because lifes too short to be a puddle of mud.
I figure....what the hell could kill my spirit now? Not a damn thing, because I've been better, but I've been worse!  :::looking for her big girl panties::: Changes are just inevitable for some I guess, and that means Moi`. I have cornered the market on "change". Change of life, check. Change of residence, check x.... I forget how many now. Change of mind? Check. Change of associations? Check. Change of careers? Check. Change of haircolor. Check. I gotta tell ya, I am afraid to say that I will NEVER like eggplant or lima beans... because I have learned never to say never! As soon as ya do.... BLAMO. Why cant I just be normal and change my tastes in lingerie? Change my hairstyle and get myself a new bitch cut or somethin? DAMN.
So I'm working on more changes. Dont worry, I wont be pulling another Lucy and opening a Bed & Breakfast again. Althooooo... no nevermind. I will keep you posted, and hopefully chat mindlessly while I keep you all in the dark awhile longer. I have a bunch of work to do just trying to locate my MUCHNESS. Could be that I am just feeling a tad bit stronger since the whole tumor thing is behind me:)  Life is promised to no one, therefore to live in fear, sad, confused or angry, is a terrible waste of love to give.
In the meantime, send me good thoughts and a tickle smile, we'll be fine. I'm off to group and then the owner of this king beast is actually coming to visit her quilt! New one on me there too!!!  I hope she doesnt plan on standing over my shoulder.::::wheres the wine?::::
I am so fortunate to be a quilter... I love my art, don't you? I hope THAT never changes. :::slight panic attack feeling going through:::
<-----limited knowledge and insufficient evidence. Yep.....thats how I roll.


Mama Pea said...

Hey, good luck with whatever changes are in store for you. I know you'll come out on the other end with success and happiness because you have a strong spirit!

Gina said...

Thanks Mama, or I'm an idiot?

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