Thursday, September 30, 2010

Magic Moments Good and Bad

We do not remember the days, we remember the moments.
Author unknown

 And I googled it! Hmmmm

I would TRULY like to forget some days, some moments. I do pretty good at it, but I'm not as good at deleting as I'd sure like to be.  Ya cant say I'm not EXPERIENCED THOUGH RIGHT? Oh sorry, I yelled inside too:) Why is it that there are also bad magic moments that you just cannot lose for the life of ya! I call them Owies. Ask God for a quick bandaid.
If you know me very well at all you know that I play search and find for these (good) moment in times of trouble. I much like that quote a few days ago about failing so many times, that I have I'll stick with that. I dont ever want to know what the word DEFEAT really means. Lets just call them minor set backs shall we? K... I had a moment last night...  hey we should red letter these, make them even more real! K...Lets do it daily! ( dont hold your breath K?) I really would like this blog in print, by each year. What a preservation of history dont u think? Poor grand kids. I think I'll go load a baby quilt and leave you with another form of M & M's!
Magic Moment
* I pulled a 126 x 126" king off my table after 4 gruelling weeks of day and night work. YEP, I sure did cry, but thats how I roll.  I marveled at all of the work I pitched a fit about, but now felt that it helped me to cope in some way. Distract in another way. Make decisions in yet another.I remembered that on Monday I laughed because it wasnt tears dripping on the poor quilt, it was sweat from record breaking heat that day. I criticized myself for not doing better than I had because of the related stressful days.
 I spoke with a BFF who scolded me for just that.
 I was grateful, at this moment, for this pain in the ass blessing, and it wont be easily deleted.

I would love to show it to you here, but I dont have permission yet.

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