Friday, September 10, 2010

Report on "D" Day

I made it. Dang it, I'm still breathing. I don't get that.
My Eye report was good. no increase.. :::phew::::
My Biopsy was a complete torment. Forget the compression they had me under, lets discuss the freaking NEEDLE going all directions and not finding the SWEET SPOT!!! Oh yeh!!! Lateral THERE, diagonal NOT. Consequently they could not get a decent sample because they needed to go in diagonally. I'm not happy. Just when I could not cry anymore tears of a low threshold for pain they tell me I need to return and repeat, AFTER I have an MRI of said Right Boobie. How can I have a lump from the up/down, and not from the side?Is it a pancake?
I was upset. I will NEVER do that alone again. I should have had support on board. BIG mistake. I had no support. I texted my daughter, and my Bff. In between squeezes and sticks. I was REALLY a mess. You dont really want to hear all the dirty little things I'm saying right about now. CLIC
My shrink appt was next. Oh Lord this woman is a force to be reckoned with. I got more homework! She went on and on, and I wanted to say Hello? I just had a failed Biopsy? She wouldnt have cared. Whatever... Not sure I like this at all. Sometime I think there is just no place for me to be now. I need a hero. ( sorry, song just ran across my mind)
I will be turning in early as I feel like I weigh three times my REAL weight. Imma think about TGIF and make it a better day:) :::my thumbs are pointed up::::


marilyn said...

I guess you would need some support after all
that BS. As far as toughy pants maybe she
just needs to grow on you, and after a few
visits you'll get to like her.

Sharon Dixon said...

Well, that just sucks that you have to go through that again. Definitely take someone with you next time and maybe take some Valium before you go. I'm sending positive thoughts and big Texas hugs your way.

TerriW said...

Oh sweetie! I have had three of these and only one went that quote Christopher Robin "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think."

Carol said...

Hang in there - this all sounds so painful. Sending love and prayers your way for a cocoon of comfort.

Mama Pea said...

That sucks. Can't they give you a local or something to help you be in more comfort during the procedure?!

Nancy H, said...

OOwwwiieee! Definately need BFF support for this stuff. Hugs

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